Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A day in the life of a dog

He almost needs a pair of reading glasses and a book! This crazy coot is getting old. He's a good ol' chap, but is getting rather testy. Chased a horse and rider down the road the other day. Sort of reminds me of our old neighbor Helen. Somedays walking on HER sidewalk was a forbidden thing. Sort of depended on her mood. Well. This one seems to think he owns the road that borders our property line. How on earth do you teach a dog that he really doesn't? He listens well if we're outside. If we're not ... he has no problem chasing folks up the road.

This little critter has gotten out of his little caged area. Rupert loves freedom ... nibbling trees, anything green. Playing chase with the cat in the yard. Kind of fun watching him hop around. He doesn't seem to know how to get back to his house tho'. Sunday nite Alyx found him on the road when she was coming home from work. Mind you, he's scared of vehicles. One drives up the road and he's heading the opposite way across the yard. Kids went and brought him home on Sunday evening. Put him in the dog crate. In the basement. Where he spent all day Monday. This is just NOT going to work. Jari & I moved him out last night. Shored up his living space and we'll see how it goes. Somehow we need to teach him how to get back home at night. How on earth do you teach a rabbit that?? Sounds like a great Tia project. :)

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