Sunday, May 3, 2009

Puttering through the weekend

My all time favorite thing to do. Puttering. Just go from one thing to the next and see what is acccomplished by the end of the day. I always end up going to bed thinking of things that were left undone, but I think I get more done along the way.

Friday we got a new spigot outside. :) Don't you just love the garden watering tool my hubby picked out? Maybe that's why I kept picking out pink and purple flowers today. This gadget is going to be a lifesaver.

After getting the water spigot done .... he moved on to the next project. Wood shed coming up! Still trying to decide what to put on the outside walls. Economy says plywood. The rest of me says the same wood as the well cover and the greenhouse. Hmmm. Maybe plywood on 3 sides and wood planks on the front? I think our boys will have a job and a half splitting and stacking wood before winter.

I encouraged Jari to head to the cabin with the guys. They were doing some bear baiting and snow machine riding ... back tomorrow.
I did a bit of the necessary running today.
Our blinds on the dining room window were rather stuck in the "up" position. The sun shines in for hours in the afternoon and heats it up quite nicely. Add an oven on in the kitchen and it gets toasty. WalMart didn't sell what I wanted, but rigged me up something that keeps the blinds up easily and allows me to put them down when I need to in the afternoon. May have been cooler outside today ... I'm not sure. The inside of the house sure seemed cooler. Seems such a shame to block out sunshine!

Warm air ... sunshine ... clean rugs. Aaaaah.

Garage sale signs are absolutely EVERYWHERE! I could have spent all day hitting sales. I had great intentions of waking up early and going this morning. I didn't wake up early. I didn't go. I probably missed all kinds of great deals. Tia & I did hit one sale. I found a chalkboard that I can't wait to paint the edges on. That was a fun find. Another great one was some sheets. Not exactly plain in the color department ... but one set is flannel. Come fall/winter and the windows are open .... I can snuggle into flannel sheets. And I really won't care what color they are. They'll be toasty. Notice they're hanging outside and not in the dryer twirling around? Blayde and I hung up a clothes line this afternoon. Will move it somewhere else someday when we're done with whatever it is we're doing outside. In the meantime .... these 2 little lines worked for drying 4 loads of laundry today. Nothing like fresh laundry from outside.

Did my pulla baking for my dear hubby today. And then we had company this evening. Isn't he just the cutest ever? Charisse and Charlie came down and spent the evening. My first real peek at this handsome fella ... Baby Charlie.

Now ... back to the book. :)

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pam said...

You just can't beat clothes fresh off the line. Ahhhh:) Baby Charlie sure is cute~