Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day weekend camping

I haven't been on here in an entire week!! What's up with that?!?!

A busy life .. that's what!
The other weekend we went garage saling and found this

With an interior that was delightfully clean and neat ... down to placemats for the table ...

and a bed to keep my getting older bones off the ground.

We did have one problem tho'. The 5th wheel hitch didn't work in the back of the truck. Was made for a long box truck ... not a short box truck. Got that one done after much leg work and deal finding by my hubby. Still need to work on these tho'.

The tires have been sitting still for about 3 years and desperately need to be replaced. So for now we are grounded to local travel. Very local.

We did take the camper to a local campground over the weekend. How fun! I didn't have enough time to get organized beforehand. And I love organization. Everything needs a place and I need to know where that place is. Sometime soon. I. Hope. Camping was absolutely wonderful! A great time to just sit and vegetate in the camp chair. Take a hike through some gorgeous woods and watch kids romp in the freezing cold water of the Matanuska River. Can't do that every weekend as I need some sanity time at home ... but sure is fun! Looking forward to spending a lot of time with this camper out fishing. Fish 'til you can't see straight and head in for a nap. Cook inside if the weather doesn't permit it outside. Aaaaah.

A few pictures from the past weekend to share with you.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a nice rig! We are in the process of looking for a cabover camper, so many of the places we want to camp here need a higher clearance than a motorhome. Hoping to fine one before we need to leave to Mn. Yukon is out of commission (needs and engine rebild or new one), so at this point in time we have no wheels to take to Mn. Juha is in AZ this week, hoping he will run across one there. Have only found ones for longbeds here. Wish us luck, our time is running out! We have one more week of school, hard to find things to do when all the material is pretty much covered. Kids are taking a hunter education class this weekend, am not sending Ian, think he won't get enough out of it at this age. Got the garden in and then it rained for 5 days, hope my seeds didn't rot! How is the green house working out? I need to give you a call one of these days for a good old chin wag. Say hi to everyone.
God's Peace, Annette

Anonymous said...

looks FUN, FUN, FUN!! great pictures of your weekend!