Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy Saturday morning!

Last evening we had HAPS over here and celebrated Blayde's and Natasha's birthdays. Fun evening. I was feeling a little like it was Friday ... needing a nap ... but was rejuvenated very quickly. Probably had something to do with the text I got when I was leaving work. "What are we doing for dinner .. pizza?" Aaaah. Great idea! Gave me another hour or so! Perfect! So Blayde's favorite Green Chili Enchiladas got tabled for another nite. Maybe this evening I'll try those. Will share bonfire/birthday pictures later today.

This morning ... my pulla dough is rising. I don't bake bread. On a rare occasion I'll make bread, but am not a good bread maker ... and it just isn't appreciated enough for all the work. Fact. Of. Life. But pulla. That stuff is appreciated. So I buy the 50 pound bags of flour so I can make sweet stuff. And my hubby absolutely loves it.

He doesn't eat it by the slice ... he eats it by the plateful ...

and at least has the grace to look a wee bit sheepish when doing so. :)

It is one thing that he thoroughly loves ... and I love making it for him. Wait until you see what he did for me this week. I started taking pictures and need to finish. Finish the photos ... and finish the project. Maybe I'll find an hour today to get it done. Cross it off that self inflicted project list ... and share it with you!
This morning my computer is so quiet I wonder if it is even running. He tore the box apart yesterday. Am assuming the shop vac is now full of dust ... 'cuz my computer is working and quiet. Yes!!!
Gotta go wake up hubby ... we're heading out to scout a few yard sales ... it's a date morning!
*** Blogger drives me crazy sometimes. It will not start new paragraphs in the post .... even if I go back 10 times and redo it ... adding paragraph spaces.


Anonymous said...

love the picture of Jari!! Can't wait to see the scrapbook page you do of him and his love for pulla! ;)

pam said...

Yum! A skill have yet to master...It's a great picture of Jari! Doesn't get much better than that:)