Friday, May 1, 2009


Progress is wonderful.

Jari has been working on the yard. Every. Day.

All winter long we dumped stuff behind the house. Remodeled the bathroom and just hucked things out the window. The pile went to the dump this week. Only thing left behind was the forgotten dishwasher. Add that to the next dump run!

The wood pile is moving from the side of the driveway. It is going to take the place of the bunny house and rather vacant no longer existent chicken cage. Eventually (might be more than a few blinks) we hope to haul wood into the house through a different entrance. One closer to the wood stove. Kind of makes sense hey? Would also be closer to the sauna. The one that isn't built yet. :) Moving wood, burning rotten wood, using any 2x4s he can get his hands on. Scavenging and accomplishing. Awesome mix.

Picked up a shelving unit from Lowe's last night. :) One step closer in that laundry room downstairs. It is a constant disaster. Am guessing that it will be that way until they are grown and gone. Then I won't need anything but a washer/dryer up in the kitchen or somewhere close to my rocking chair. Next on the list is another Sterlite dresser. Am kicking myself for leaving one behind when we moved. Should have left something else instead. Could really use that about now. 2 kids are keeping their clothes in the laundry room. Works out very well. I didn't have the space to do that when the kids were little, but highly recommend it!

The planter in the greenhouse is filled with dirt. Mix of top soil, horse manure, peat moss and potting soil. Let's see if the plants like it or not. This photo was taken before the dirt filling was
complete. Warm enough in there during the day to do some serious growing. Let's hope. Today we need a water source. In the middle of our basement remodeling, the outside water spigot went away. It was at the back of the house. Only needed 200 feet of hose to reach the garden last summer. Horrendous!! Today we need a new water spigot. Then we can start watering the lettuce, radishes, carrots, peppers and whatever else it was I plunked in there!
I moved Brock's snow play table over to this side and all the plants went outside last night. If I regret the move ... I'll know next year!

This morning I did the run to the grocery store with Tia. She was sleeping when we did our Lowe's run last evening. Would have been convenient if she had been awake. I'm asking too much. Spirit Day at school today. Plus, she needed a folder and markers. And ... she wanted some green glitter. Fred Meyer doesn't open until 7:00 so we ran to Carr's. No green glitter. Will green star shaped post it notes work? Why not. Slap them all over your sweatshirt. :)

Wondering if I can sneak off to a few garage sales tomorrow morning. Moving sales in particular. Maybe they have some really fun falling apart old chairs and things. Some hanging planters they don't want to haul along? Waders? Fishing poles ... cuz the season called "Anita Breaks Another Kids Rod" is about to be here!

Happy May Day!

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