Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bonfires, mosquitos and woodsheds

Jari came home Sunday afternoon looking rightly tanned. Oh goodness. I need a tanning booth or something to catch up with him! We had services in the evening, stayed for nice long coffee and visiting outside afterwards. The weather was absolutely gorgeous! I normally wouldn't do this on a Sunday evening when I have to work the next day, but we headed up to a bonfire at Mattilas afterward. About 9:15ish and the road by the church afforded us this view. Gorgeous, hey?

Bonfire season has begun in earnest.

So has mosquito season. Katrina had these fun mosquito nets which Blayde was not a bit shy to use. Looks like they worked.

There were 8 visiting guys (young and younger :) ) in town. Fun for my boys to get together with them. Pete Wuollet with 4 of his boys, Roger Silijander, Cal & Taylor Silijander.

Monday after I got off work, Blayde & I headed over to the college to finish the last of the paperwork in order for him to start June 15th. When someone tells you that the appointment is going to last about 20 minutes ... I rather take them at their word. We had invited the Wuollet/Silijander crew over for dinner and, bless her sweet heart, the woman is VERY long winded. I finally had to tell her that she needed to skip a few things. We really didn't need the same thing explained 3 times over. I was about bouncing in the chair. Was nearing 6:15 when we got home ... with everything completed and ready for June 15th!! I did stop at the corner above the house to grab a picture. The green was coming quickly over the weekend. Will see if the weather holds out for a fast green or not.

While I was off doing school stuff, my hubby was cooking. I did put the spuds in the oven before I left. Salmon, halibut, salad and vegies were all his. It was fantastic! And he did a divine job of cooking it. Liz and Leroy joined us as well ... and brought yummy eclair dessert. Delish!! While the guys were visiting, I snuck outside with the camera .....
The rhubarb is on a roll. Today's mission is to move those tulips. Live or die .... they're moving. Their time is short if they stay where they're at ... might be shorter if I move them, but we'll see!

Our driveway .... slowly turning green.

The woodshed made it to this stage on Monday. Running out of scavenged lumber ... probably need to hit Craigs List or something. :)

Wally & Lisa joined us for coffee in the evening. Lisa was playing Settlers with the girls ... and the guys decided to join the game ... apparently. Fun to get to know some new faces. We're hoping to see more of them up here.

So ended Monday evening. I had an ACLS renewal class on Tuesday. Had done not one lick of studying at all. Our surgery department is the first group at the hospital doing these classes online. Wasn't too bad. Actually less stressful than going and sitting in front of an audience doing a mega code. I was exhausted though when I came home. So were my kids. They were all crashed out in various places. I hope that if someday my kiddos find spouses that they come from families where naps are the norm. Otherwise, there's going to be a major learning curve. I snagged this picture of the woodshed ... and hit the deck for a bit.

Look at this stuff!! I did use up some out of the freezer over the weekend. Made a delicious strawberry rhubarb pie on Sunday. :)

When I got up from the nap ... the trim was on. The door is salvaged from somewhere in this house. No, not the bathroom. It's door is still safe! :) I'm thinking it begs to be the color red. How about you?

Jari found this piece of tree a short while back and stashed it. Thought it might make a super cute handle. I think it does! And we both agree that the woodshed looks like a sauna now!

I even split some wood yesterday. Some? Okay, should I be honest? I did try. My hubby threatened to go get the camera. Thank goodness he didn't. I figure my upper arms are growing fast enough that they'll soon measure the size of my thighs. And I'll freely admit it. It isn't muscle that's growing. The boys get the job of filling the woodshed, but I might give them a helping hand if the sun shines on Saturday. Get some sun and whittle away at those arms ... all at the same time!

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Anonymous said...

how fun to have more visitors in town! Jari sure is on a role in the building departmant hey....nice! and the rhubarb pie sound absolutely delish!! I just woke up this morning, and already I am looking forward to a nap today! Hopefully I can squeeze one in! :)