Saturday, May 30, 2009

My camera decided to quit working

Not a good thing.

Yesterday I learned where to go watch the Beluga Whales chasing the salmon in. That was at work yesterday. During lunch. I hope I can find the place.

Several hours later I was trying to take some phots of the stinkin' bumble bees again. I give up. The camera decided it had enough as well. Err99 is what it said. No Err99 in the book. Called Canon and they had me jump through a few worthless hoops. Finally told me to mail it in. Then the silly guy asks me if there is anything else he can help me with.

Ummm. Hello???

He didn't have an answer for me when I asked how I was suppose to photograph the Beluga Whales with a nonworking, expensive piece of Canon equipment.

Markus is here for the weekend again ... and he played with the camera for a few minutes.

And. It. Works! :)

Thank goodness. Because this week I'm going to go see if I can find the Beluga watching place. Maybe be a bit early in the season ... but I'll at least know where I'm headed before they get here!

I think it's time to find the volleyball net and set it up. Jari sprayed the yard with Cutter last night after a trip to Wally World. Let's hope it works. It's been raining for the last couple days and Jackie is starting to look like she has the chicken pox ... poor gal.

Today's mission ... I'm running behind schedule. Last oven load of bread is nearly done. If this newly attempted system of mine works ... life may include a regular diet of home made bread. Good bread is so expensive that it makes my heart palpitate! I'd rather have clogged arteries from all the butter I load on top of it than to have palpitations. :)

Strawberry plants are in the Tahoe. Now they need to move into the dirt. I'm in a quandry as to where I should plant them. Hang some in baskets in the greenhouse? Put some in the flower beds next to the rhubarb? What do I do with them? A little in each place and see what happens? Either way ... we're getting a start on the strawberries and I'm thrilled!!

Back to it!

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you-wee because said...

Hi there at Alaska!!

I came across your blog and strolled a little through it. And I really must say: one of the most atmospheric internet diaries I ever saw...
Really wonderful! Get on with it!

Regards from Germany,