Friday, May 15, 2009

My beautiful Alyx

I have been wanting to do a photo session with my daughters for quite a while now and it never seems to get done. The other evening, Alyx was standing in the kitchen and I took one look. The moment had come. She was home. I was thinking of it. The camera was within reach. The daylight outside was a special gift.

Don't you just love those freckles? I giggle when I see them. This is Alaska. It has been winter until not long ago and she has more freckles than we when we lived in the land of sunshine. Amazing what a tanning booth will get you!

This young lady works at an Assisted Living facility. The residents are very fortunate. She has a heart of gold. Her plan is the medical field for her life's work.

Hard to believe that in several months we will be looking at senior photo proofs. I remember my first ultrasound when we learned that she was coming into this world. I made announcement cards and sent them out to friends and family. We waited a long time for her to join us in this world.
She is quite a mix of a young woman. She has certainly inherited a temper (don't know where that came from!) and a wee bit of stubborn (?!). Thank goodness she is balanced by a gentle nature that holds hands of the elderly. She will stand up for anyone who is the underdog. And ... there will be no wavering in her support. She can organize in a flash .... yet can dig through clothes, leaving piles behind, faster than I ever dreamed of! :) She is a giver. I wonder where life will take her. I hope and pray that it treats her well.

It will certainly be an interesting journey!


Anonymous said...

It is hard to believe how fast they grow... I was just thinking that in 3 years, Lindsey will be old enough to babysit for short periods!! 8 years has passed so fast! Can't imagine the feelings you have when you know they are about to graduate, move out, etc.. reminder for me to make the most of my time with them now. And take lots of pictures! (even if they do sit on CD and not on prints:) )
Happy Friday!

pam said...

She truly is beautiful! It brought tears to my eyes to read what you wrote about her gentle nature and a smidge on the stubborn side:) It's so precious to watch these qualities in our kids unfold as they grow up~ Make's one tend to stop midstride with the sudden realization..'maybe I didn't do a bad job as a parent after all'!