Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Phoenix here I come!


I got my ticket. And am heading for Phoenix in June. My main objective is to attend the graduation of this very special friend of mine. :)

We are anticipating that she will have all kinds of time to travel now that school is nearly done! Obviously, we look forward to seeing her up here often! (I don't know if she ever comes on here to read so I'm probably safe!)

Anyone who has taken an ACLS class can probably sympathize with me. My ACLS was up for renewal. The instructor we had (she retired recently) has been known to make the physician in charge of the ICU do remediation because his timing was off on his breaths or compressions. It use to be a bit stressful. Now we have moved to doing it online. Took 8 hours to get the computer part done yesterday. That wasn't bad. Frustrating until you got what the program was all about and where all your tools were. Today I struggled with the manikin. I never knew you spelt it that way either. My new learning for the day. I fought with the computer for an hour this morning and finally gave up. That means that I was doing CPR on this stupid thing for an hour. 30 compressions, 2 breaths for 5 rounds. Fail. Do it again. The computer would tell you if you were going too deep, not deep enough, too slow, too fast. I tried again in the afternoon for one round. Others tried for me ... signed on my account. Someone finally got it for me. You should see my right hand. It is swollen and it HURTS! I think the redness is going away, but there won't be any wood splitting for me tonite! There is no way I could grip the splitting maul. The whole miserable experience is over and done with. I killed my manikin so many times today it was horrible. Let's hope my hand functions tomorrow. We have a busy day.

Yesterday I decided that I should get into the splitting wood thing. Great exercise. Jari was laughing and threatening to get the camera. I didn't think it was THAT good. Maybe it was. Am sure there will be plenty left for me once this hand is working again.

Tia is crashed on the couch. Poor dolly. She is one sick girl. She has had massive headaches that I've been keeping track of. Wipes her out for an entire day. White as a ghost looking. They seem to be the same time of the month. Hormonal? I don't know. She's been fortunate the last several months. Today she thought it was something she ate at school. Will see if she feels better in the morning. Certainly hope so.

The sun has decided to go into hiding. After the gorgeous last week ... I thought it was here to stay! Drizzling on my towels on the line. Drizzling on the rugs still hanging on the porch. Drizzling on the rhubarb that is growing like crazy. Drizzling on the dirt in the flower bed as well. I am moving those tulips tomorrow. Live or die ... they're finding a new home.

Can I go put some comfy jammies on and snuggle up with a good magazine for a few minutes? Why not. :)

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Anonymous said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait until you come!! I am so pumped you finally got tickets! Don't know what you are planning, but you are always welcome over here!