Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My internet connection was a bit goofy yesterday morning. Couldn't upload anything to save my life! Looks like we're up and running today. :)

Saturday I surprised myself and got up nice and early. Had a fun, but late, nite on Friday out for coffee with friends. I immediately headed out to this little place. I think a cot in here could be a good thing. I still need some more shelves in here to hold more pots, but this was a feel good accomplishment on Saturday. These shelves were in the basement. They were a pale green and I was thinking a barn red or cranberry might be the trick. The Palmer hardware store is now closed. SBS only had one color spray paint that was remotely close. They sort of looked a bit hot pinkish when sprayed ... but turned out well. Can't wait to move these pots to the stairs. Planning to keep them in the greenhouse for another several weeks before I move them. Maybe I should put some music playing out there for them. :)

The vegies are doing their thing as well. I know this may sound rather interesting, but zucchini pancakes are on my radar screen. Along with zucchini bread, zucchini muffins .... any and all thing zucchini. Monday evening we have carrots and lettuce popping up in the planter boxes!!

After doodling out in the greenhouse .... I moved to the screened porch. Still haven't sold my bathroom cabinet/sink/vanity that is up there. Took some more pictures (deleted the old ones prematurely) and will add them to Craigs List someday. The peas moved up there. Hoping to have vines crawling everywhere on the screen ... with peas for the picking.

Got that cleaned and the winters dust removed. What to do with these old jugs? I think they need some flowers as well. My inside starts of flowers are moving to bigger containers today. Maybe in time they'll be ready for these.

Although my fingers would love to play naked in the dirt, they can't. Not a good idea to go to work with mud under nails. These little buggers get a workout!

Mother's Day was quite the lazy day. Kyra & Anita spent Saturday nite and Sunday over here. Fun to have extra girls visiting. Alyx came home from work on Saturday nite with flowers. Aren't they gorgeous? She is my flower girl. I couldn't begin to count the number of bouquets this young lady has given me. Melts my heart.

Tia & the visiting young ladies walked to Three Bears .. the close grocer. She brought me home some chocolate. Delicious!

The guys here have been working on splitting and filling the woodshed. May sound a little goofy. Spring time and splitting wood. There really is a rationale behind this. They moved the wood pile from next to the driveway. Our woodstove is small in size. They've been cutting down the larger pieces to actually fit in the stove. Someday we want to replace the stove ... just not on the shopping list quite yet. This one works real well. Anyway ... if the wood is split before fishing starts ... it won't be sitting there nagging at anyone. We have plenty of dead fall that can be cut up as well!

Did I tell you that naps were the order of the day on Mother's Day. Went down for my first one with a headache. The "too much coffee not enough water" kind. I just never seem to learn. The porch claimed the second nap of the day for me ... on this couch ... in the sun .... after my dear hubby was done with his!

Someday in my doodlings ... I'm going to make up a poem/song about this porch. I love this place.

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