Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sunday in Talkeetna

We had a service auction here several months ago to raise money for the church. One of the items I put into the auction was to take 6 girls to Talkeetna for the day. We went on Sunday. Time is running out between some leaving for parts of the summer ... and others (especially myself) being just plumb busy. We jumped in the car and headed for rainy Talkeetna. I'd only seen one restaurant there and the train station last summer. Have been itching to go and snoop around a bit. We snooped. Through every shop. Fun!

Moose on Parade
I really should put a few more umbrellas in the car ... I had one!
Bare legs on one kiddo ... snow boots on the other.
Can you guess which one is visiting from Arizona?
Hanging flower baskets are a sure sign of summer. They are everywhere. Most often a little more flowery and less green filled than this one.

A cache where bees have built a hive in the doorway.

This might be a safe ride for these girls. Slow moving ... if at all!

The lady inside this shop cans 12,000 jars of jams/jellies every year. I didn't get one .. decided to leave it for the tourists. As we walked through shops we heard the word "locals" uttered. Hmmm. Good or bad? We mingled with the half dozen tour buses full of folks who were frantically purchasing their souveniers and spending their hard earned cash.

We also tried to eat at a cafe. Sat there for a while and then gave up and left to go to the Mountain High Pizza place instead. Sometimes (I've gotten a bit better) I can be really shy about talking to strangers. I really should have struck up a conversation with the guys who were at the other end of the table and the woman seated nearby adjusting her ski poles. I'm quite positive they were hiking the mountain. Talkeetna is hikers paradise ... good food before a hike up Mt McKinley or Denali, as we call it here.

This one I like. We have 3 more kiddos that need drivers licenses. What do you think? Will it work? I'm especially fond of several things:
1. you'd see it coming for sure
2. zero to 60 ... in ten minutes
Just not sure I'd want to ride with them!
So we ended a fun filled day. I hope they all had a great time. Only one of us out of 7 had spent time in Talkeetna. Next time ... we'll take a map and explore the rivers!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like somewhere I would like to explore! fun, fun!