Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hmmm ....

Do squirrels have stress?
Do you s'pose he wonders if he'll ever get a break from hopping tree to tree?
Wonder if he gets to wondering if the sun is going to shine or not.
Is he wondering what I'm planting in the garden and if it is something he might enjoy?
He doesn't like strawberries ... or does he? Certainly hope not.
His life probably isn't stress free.
But he probably would prefer to stay here hopping trees while I head to .....

my lawn chair on this dock ...
with my book ....
and my coffee cup.

Meet you there!


Anonymous said...

mmmmm...wish I was meeting with you there! Especially with the whirlwind morning I just had with the kids! Looks wonderful!

heather said...

I'm in!