Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday morning and my 2nd day back to work

Thank God for a job. That's all I have to say on that one. :)

Saturday fishing for the guys yielded a fish big enough to taste on Father's Day. How fun to spend Father's Day with my dad. That doesn't happen very often at all. They guys had a great experience on Saturday, even if the fish catching left a bit to be desired! Jari did a late night trip to the airport to pick up Markus. Along with him came a surprise visitor for Brock ... Ben Wuollet. We really tried to get Brock into the truck to help dad stay awake but it didn't work ... and I didn't want to tip my hand. Boys are having a blast.

Sunday we had the Ross & Denise clan over in the afternoon. Some bbq, some visiting, lots of fun with lots of little people. Services at 6 pm and then another crew for coffee afterwards! We're on a bit of a sugar high around here. Rhubarb ... more rhubarb ... add some chocolate. :)

Monday evening we ended up staying home. Played a good game of Scrabble and then Jeff & Alissa stopped over. More rhubarb mixed with sugar. Can we just call it a vegetable?

Speaking of vegetables. I'm waiting for these things to bloom. The stalks are what I consider huge. Isn't nature amazing? The intricate way they wrap to keep themselves upright just amazes me.

Off to brush my teeth and head to work. Was suppose to have stew in the crockpot for dinner. Oops! Was too lazy last night and morning just isn't my favorite time for cooking. Plan B ... whatever that is! If you've got any ideas ... please share!

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