Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday evening ...

These 3 yahoos ran to 3 Bears for sugar. :) They don't look like they're having any fun do they? They declined coming with us. We went looking for Beluga Whales. It ended up being a goose chase instead, but we had some really good chuckles. After going down a few roads that went no where, we headed down to the airstrip instead. Those roads ... they went places. Folks' lived at the ends of those roads. Just couldn't find the water we were looking for! This is the airstrip at Point McKenzie. 3/4 of a mile according to Markus and the iphone. :) Our pilot was a bit on the wild side. He gunned the engine and we did a serious takeoff. Tia had needed a restroom on our bumpy trip ... this certainly wasn't helping the situation.

At the end of the airstrip is this place littered with shell casings and shot up trees. I think we're going to go out there shooting with the kids ... along with trash bags and rubber gloves ... and do a bit of cleaning up. This view sort of makes you wonder how close you really dare get to the edge ...

In case you end up down there in that Citation ...

My pictures are a bit deceptive. This is a long way down there. My short lens was in the car.
Boys and girl having some fun trying to get the cars down below. Our high powered stuff was left at home .. they got rocks instead. :)

Anchorage across the way. A bit further than this looks, but much further by car.

Grandma was a wee bit chilly. 37 degrees outside this morning ... no wonder she's chilly! Add tired to that and it makes for an interesting combination sometimes. Maybe next time we'll have to go on a whale watching adventure. I'm hoping they see plenty of them on the ferry to and out of Juneau.

A stop at the Knik Museum that was closed. Great for photos tho'.

I really like this boat. Wonder what the story behind it is.

A stop at Fred Meyer so Markus could get another King tag and go fishing today. Check out the snow on the top of the mountain in the background. That is new. It wasn't there the day before. It has been raining and the mountain is looking white. Voi etta! Not yet! Here, that stuff is called Termination Dust.

So ends a Tuesday and begins a Wednesday. G'ma and G'pa are packing a car today. :( Bible Class this evening and tomorrow they have a long drive ahead of them.

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Anonymous said...

looks like this was a fun day! wish I was there enjoying it all with you! great pics :) so now grandma and grandpa leave tomorrow. does it feel like the time just flew with all that you did with them? But after being here, and having company, you are probably ready for a little R&R!