Thursday, June 25, 2009

Freedom evening

Freedom evening is on when you're On Call at work and don't get called in! Pure bliss. Doesn't take much to keep this lady smilin'. Time to clean my bathroom ... vacuum my room ... digest several pages of a book and skip cooking dinner.

Come to think of it ... I still haven't eaten and it's 10:33 pm! Time to head back to the salmon dip. Jari came home today with some yummy salmon dip that is totally delicious. My secret treat.

We have a crew heading out to hit the Russian River here in about half an hour or so. None of my offspring are going. I think Ben and Brock are fished out. Is that possible? Only a nibble in the last several days. HOURS of driving ... HOURS of fishing ... ONE nibble. Maybe more than one.

Let 'em rest. Tomorrow evening we attend a fundraiser carnival at the Laulainen household. Ought to be a fun evening.

Saturday I think will be another Freedom Day.

Celebrate it with laundry ... cleaning the oven ... moving tomato plants ... fixing the lawnmower.

The lawmower. It sort of got diesel fuel in the gas tank instead of regular gasoline. Oops. I wouldn't have known the difference between a red and yellow gas can either. The dandelions need mowing.

Have a great Friday!

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