Monday, June 29, 2009

A few summer shots of life at our house.

Weeds. They are an essential part of living. My favorite saying use to be "Green is Good". That was when I was desperately trying to grow grass in Phoenix. Green is still good, but holy cow! These lovely weeds are blooming nicely. They just happen to be just as tall as I am. There is a limit to this "good" thing. A bit beyond weed whacking.

Summer = fishing. Fishing just as much as you possibly can. Hopefully you catch something along the way. This house loves the activity. This households mother would really like to catch something one day. I'd be thrilled with one salmon this year. Doesn't need to be a king. Doesn't need to be big. Just ONE would be swell. My goal for the summer. Manageable ... don't you think?

Then there is the gardening. Experiments in progress. This is our potato project. If this works I'll start running ads on Craigs List looking for tires. You put your potato plants in the first tire ... preferably at the bottom. When the green is growing wonderful, you add the second tire and fill with dirt. Continue 'til the tires are all stacked. Now the potatoes should fill the tires. Will see how it works.

First year for these gizmos as well. The tomato plants are growing nicely and starting to bloom. These things are suppose to hold 70 pounds of tomatoes. I'm not greedy. I'll take a few tho'!

THIS is what I could garden for ... almost this alone. Zucchini. Bread. Muffins. Tried frying it for dinner tonite. Must have cooked it a bit too long. Will have to try it again. Maybe next time I'll try the grill.

Then there are flowers. This is the first bloom on flowers that I started from seed. Ahhhh. So special. Not sure I'll do that next year. Too much time and energy. Much easier to buy the 6 paks from somewhere. Fun to try tho'.

Time to head back to the kitchen. I have bread dough in the bread machine. This is a cheat thing. 1/2 of my favorite bread recipe into the bread machine. Have it make the dough. Move the dough to pans. Bake. I need to teach Anna how to do this. :) My mouth is watering.

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