Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another busy week

I feel badly that I don't manage to get on here as much as I'd like to lately. The kids don't have to get up for school ... so I'm not getting up as early as I use to. Argh. I really like mornings spent on the computer before work. This week I probably did a little bill paying instead on mornings where I had 10 minutes instead of the school year hour and a half.

This week:
  • Monday evening Jari brought Markus to the airport for a 1 am-ish flight
  • In the same run he picked up Fred Kako who is now up here visiting
  • Ben is still here ... wishing we could have gone to do something fun with him ... I think he and Brock drove MILES of ATV trails around here tho'
  • Jari was working on a job in Whittier starting on Tuesday and Fred did some running to and from Whittier (2 hour drive) shuttling an employee who had to be in Anchorage for Wednesday morning (lucky Fred!)
  • Wednesday nite Jari came home for a few hours to sleep and was gone again
  • I managed to stick lasagne in the fridge for an "on call" Thursday and even put some pasti in the freezer!
  • Thursday evening I was fortunate to not get called in ... Anna was off babysitting during the day ... company in the evening .... and then a run to the airport to drop off Ben
  • Ben was flying standby .. quite a feat out of Alaska in the summertime .. Brock and I parked in the cell phone lot and waited for a call from Ben .. yay or nay on whether he got on the flight
  • Yay was the call at 2:15 am-ish ... we were home shortly after 3 am
  • So today I slept 'til 10 ... and then enjoyed my holiday off work
  • Those of you who know me know how much I love extra days off
  • I played with the charger on my cell phone .. it is giving up the ghost .. quite a pickle
  • So if you don't get a text or something from me it's because all my numbers are in a phone that won't charge at the moment ... frustration central!
  • Did some laundry today ... did some weeding today ...
  • Snapped a few pictures today

We are fortunate in that our water at this house is good to drink. Not everyone has that luxury. We have a filtered line as well, but I like it straight out of the tap. Especially when you get the downright frosty stuff. Certainly didn't see this in Phoenix!

Today was also a day for getting a few "been on the list forever" projects done. My kitchen window is 2 stories up and can't be gotten to from inside the house. Trust me. I have tried. I almost fell in the sink that is in front of the window. I thought I was going to need knee replacement before I was done. I gave up. But ... I can't stand the dirty outside of the window. Fred put the ladder up there for me and I shimmied up the thing and washed the window. Not bad for a girl who isn't really fond of ladders. Going up ain't bad. Coming down stinks. Was worth it ... I now can gaze at a reflection of the window!

Another one of my summer projects. Mom use to always tell me that my plants would probably live if I remembered to water them. I think she was right. Between water and Miracle Gro ... I'm doing much better. My newest thing is rooting more of them. Maybe I'll eventually have a plant or two that stays alive in the house!

And off to cutting rhubarb. The ongoing project. Cut and use or freeze it. A little every week and the project isn't nearly overwhelming. Probably should start watering the stuff. We're not having nearly the rain that we had last year. Then again. The stuff comes up everywhere and doesn't want to leave. It is actually poking up in the greenhouse of all places. No wonder my peppers aren't growing well. Maybe the roots are all tangled up with rhubarb that is trying to pop through.

After dilly dallying the late afternoon away ... napping more of it away ... decided that we should probably have some dinner. It is summer. Doesn't matter what time dinner is, right? Fresh salmon that Fred caught yesterday, salad from the greenhouse ... delish! Strawberry rhubarb pie for dessert and all is right in our little world.

So after my sleeping in today. After my nap today. The clock now reads 2:19 a.m. What on earth am I doing on the computer? Who knows. I imagine that tomorrow I will sleep in again. Does it matter? Nope. Not a bit. So will my kiddos. I'll do some more laundry. Try freezing a batch of green beans. See what the rest of the day brings.
This one brought a few vehicular challenges. Jari's truck went to the Dodge dealer shop in Anchorage today. Something with the front end. Blayde's Subaru barely made it home today. CV boot or something like that. The car Alyx drives has brakes that are nonexistent. I think Jari's doing some car work. We'll celebrate Independence Day doing some car work and laundry. Then ... who knows. Maybe some fishing. Maybe a barbeque. Maybe some fireworks. Most definately a nap. Happy 4th of July!


J Kallinen said...

I'm just curious ... with the long days that you have up there, when are you able to see fireworks? Does it get dark enough?

Anita said...

That gets quite interesting! Last year it got cloudy and rainy so we saw something. Typically, the New Years fireworks are the big ones. It certainly isn't dark enough at this stage of the game. :) I'll let you know how the fireworks are tonite!

Heather said...

Tell Fred "hi!" from us, if he is still there!