Saturday, July 25, 2009

Enjoying visitors this week

Doug & Sharon, along with Steven (Turbo), have been in town this week. What fun to see them! Jari has had some days where he couldn't work, so they have been able to do some fishing. Brock & Turbo have had a chance to hang out and pal around. Super!! And ... I've been able to enjoy Sharon's company and do some visiting.

Doug (trust it to be someone from the Lower 48 to tell us) told us that Sarah Palin was at the Iditapark in Wasilla on Friday evening giving a speech and serving up hotdogs. My bones were a wee bit weary after a trying week and headed for a nap on the porch. Jari, Brock & Tia joined the Forstie clan and headed for the shindig ... and had a grand ole time!

This day was reserved for Veterans and veterans alone. No politics. Nada. A pure celebration and appreciation of our veterans.

Serve up some good ol' American dogs and burgers ...

hmmm ... maybe we'll just start the campaign for Palin for President! Doug may even have to move up here and join the movement!

My delicious nap was interrupted by a call that went something like this. "Mom, the car just quit. Can you bring me some oil?" I did. I brought the oil. However, when the rods are banging (or whatevere it is that indicates your engine is toast) ... we're a bit beyond the help of a little oil. Argh.
To calm my nerves and end a busy week ... I headed for the greenhouse. Weeded out stuff. It was so thick in there that the sun couldn't see the bottoms of the zucchini plants. Moved them outside. Will see what they manage to do outside. Picked some carrots ....
and moved on to the currants. Tia finally joined me and helped for a bit. I sure hope this jelly tastes good. It should be mixed with blood. Lots of it. I had mosquitos everywhere. Sharon said she hasn't seen mosquitos here ... or not bad at all. I know why. I found them. They're hovering over every currant bush I found. I was smearing them on my eyelids ... am sure my hair was highlighted with them ... but I got nearly a gallon of them. Finished the job this morning and Jari helped me make jelly this afternoon!
We were going to go somewhere tonite for the nite. I wanted to go fishing, but that's a sleepless night. And neither one of us can handle a sleepless fishing nite right now. I'd pay for it all week long and, as much as I'd love to go fishing, I just can't afford to do that this week!
Anna & Tia are at Youth Camp this weekend ... and we get to join them for a potluck tomorrow late afternoon. Can't wait to hear about their fun experience!

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