Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The internet has been driving me crazy

When I have a moment ... it isn't cooperating. Patience, Anita and Internet are three words that don't work well together in one sentence. I just quit and move on to something else. Not one to wast too much time waiting for things to happen on the bugger. If it doesn't move fast ... I've got other things to do. :)

Fred is still here ... the SkipBo game has been on the table more than the Uno game. Sort of cracks me up. I think I need a good game or two of Settlers ... none of these recent visitors are serious Settlers players! Fred is staying a bit longer. He's off fishing with Ross and 3 boys. Let's hope they're catching something. Fishing luck around here just hasn't been with us this summer.

Saturday I was up bright and early ... as usual. I love Saturdays. A day at home to work and putter. If I can get away with it, I prefer not to leave the house on Saturdays. The sun had been absent for a while. Nothing but a haze in the air from some fires burning. About 70 fires in total burning in the state .. only a few of which they were fighting. Anyway, Saturday dawned with sunshine ... then clouds ... and then the sun was back.

I don't know about this greenhouse business. Last year my cucumber plants did absolutely nothing. This year they look very nice ... with 3 cucumbers. I, mistakenly, thought that I would be canning pickles. Had no clue that I need to buy a different kind of seed for pickling cucumbers. Next year! So many things on next years list! I've started hand pollinating everything. Let's hope the plants start giving me a few more and not just wasting blooms ... beautiful as they may be.

This is my jungle. The topsy turvy tomato planters have gone wild. They, so far, have only shown me one tomato ... and I'm guessing the one further away is the cherry tomato plant. Pollinating going on there as well. Hoping it works and they start paying attention to my visits ... even added a bit of singing to it yesterday. :) What a girl will do to get a tomato!

The floor of my playground is certainly not weed free. It is weed filled! The newspapers? Hmmm. I intend to use them to line my above ground beds and keep the weeds out. The rest of them are going to be shredded (kids ought to love this job!) and added to the compost. Would love to have beatiful dirt to play with next year.

I don't have tomato keeper upper cages. Am thinking I'll bring home some oxygen tubing heading for the trash and try tying them up. Suppose to work really well for hanging them. Water, feed and pollinate. Water, feed and pollinate. I would love to NEED to learn how to make tomato sauces. I'd love to NEED to go canning jar shopping!

Made the mistake of plunking this zucchini in the corner. This photo is incredibly deceptive. The leaves on that one zucchini plant are about the size of rhubarb leaves. The zucchini growing in the middle of them reminds me of the zucchini I picked when I was young. It qualifies for monstrous. Ought to get a few good batches of bread out of that plant!

I don't even like tomatoes. Is that awful? I like cherry tomatoes. Those I've decided are delicious. The rest of them can stay at the store unless I'm cutting them up to put in something. I have been talking to this one tho'!

So goes the gardening.
The rest of life? Brock turned 16 on Sunday. We took a little trip to Anchorage that took a bit longer than expected. Got the goodies he wanted. Monday we scheduled his driving test. Can't get in until the end of the month. He's been doing some yard work for someone I work with at the hospital ... and watching his wallet swell a little bit. Really needs a job!
Jari has been working in Whittier. Long days with a long drive to and from. Would love to just stay down there but can't. Needs to be transport for another guy who has to be home every night. Makes for a very tired hubby.
Fishing has not been great. Nor has the opportunity to fish. There will be more of them ... and there will be time. I'm hoping.
Alyx is still vacationing. She's in Michigan at the moment ... sounds like she's having a good time. Can't wait to have her come home!
Blayde's first set of classes is already ending. How did that happen so fast? I know that nursing school was over quickly ... his will be even faster! Stopped at the post office on Monday and was beyond impressed. I added him to my insurance at work now that he is a full time student .. and just did that last week. I had new insurance cards in the mail on Monday ... and I don't know when I last went to the post office. Last Thursday I faxed in a request for his medical records from Scottsdale Healthcare. They were in the mailbox as well on Monday! Guess what?!? We can now see about getting his problems taken care of. YES!!! Keep the fingers crossed. He really doesn't want another massive surgery this time around. Neither do I. Once was enough.
Gotta boogie ... the work day begins in less than an hour. Have a great Wednesday!

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