Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My faith has been restored ...

men really do know how to read instruction manuals!

I came home from work today to find these sitting on the counter. Canned salmon. My dear husband was pretending he was a pro at this ... and he's never canned a thing in his life. He did find out that if you go to the canning section at Walmart and start asking folks ... they are most helpful with hints and tips. He came home with a pressure cooker and some jars ... and he & Fred started canning salmon. I will be forever grateful that they did the first batch while I was at work. I would have had a heart attack for sure.

Then I needed to see how this was done. I started wondering if you could stack jars in the cooker. Did some calling and Sue told me you could. She even had an extra jar separater that I could pick up ... which I did. Dim bulb that I am somedays ... I had failed to measure the jars first. The jars we are using are too tall to fit 2 high in the thing. Oh well. I know what to do for jelly! Next batch was under way with Fred & Jari showing me how it's done!

Got the jars filled ... pressure cooker filled with jars and cooking away. After which we sat down for a meal of fresh stuff ourselves. Mmmmm.

The second batch is done ... waiting for the beast to cool so we can take out the jars. This is fun! Had you asked me several years ago if I would be canning I'd have thought you were nuts. I was going to freeze everything. This might just be the ticket for some things.
From the number of new jars sitting in the pantry today ... I've got some work to do. Really wanted to add Fireweed Jelly and Currant Jelly to my list this week but I might just run out of days. Will see.

Hmmm ... maybe I'll do some carrots as well!


Anonymous said...

Know this is some thing that makes me wish we were up there also. Sounds like some one started catching fish.

Anonymous said...

That doesn't look like a double
decker pressure cooker. We canned
4 pints of green beans Sat., 5 pints the time before.