Monday, July 20, 2009

Yippee! We made it out camping!

I didn't do a thing on Thursday. Maybe a few things, but certainly nothing that should have been on THE list if one is going camping the next day. Friday I was able to leave work nice and early ... and came home to try and get things together. The laundry was all done ... until Tia finished cleaning her room. We won't count that as undone laundry tho'. :) Got the plants watered, the trailer loaded and off we went!

Nothing like a good campfire. Aaaahh.

This was the Sunday School Picnic camping weekend. We rent both group campsites and are all by ourselves for the weekend. Not too many of us showed up on Friday evening, but by Saturday nite it was full.

We found new uses for bungee cords ...

Tia, Mariah, Grace and Kaylinn

I need to buy some large water jugs. We used nearly all of the water we brought making coffee. The camping coffee pot turned into a humidifier last winter and no longer cooks coffee. The french press did booming coffee business all weekend.

This little guy, whose name is Little Man, was the camp guard dog. We were thinking about bringing Duke along, but left him at home. Little Man did a bang up job of it tho'.

Fred delayed his return to Colorado and went camping with us. Bocce ball. A game that seemed to go through camping chairs, woods and pretty much anywhere a ball will fly or roll.

Where there is a patch of dirt ... there will be children. Can you tell that Leah was just freshly clean in the morning?

I don't have any pictures of Jari and I on Sunday. I've been having a yen to start kayaking. Mind you, I can't keep anything headed in a straight line toward a destination, but I really want to try. We rented a double kayak at the lake and went out for a bit. Got over the tippy feeling and decided that I could get into that kind of activity! Not sure about the tip and roll thing, but maybe I'd even master that eventually. The water was like glass when we started out and then the wind picked up. Absolutely beautiful!
I tried adding photos of the entire group. For some reason I can't upload them. Have tried with several of them ... none will work. Don't know what is up with that! Am happy to be able to upload anything at all. Bopped on Bebo to upload some photos and found me a Trojan virus. AVG promptly did its job and I'm able to at least add these!

Monday evening and my laundry is spinning. Worked at a ridiculous 6 a.m. today and needed a serious nap after a lazy and quick dinner. Jari & Brock are out fishing with Fred and Doug & Turbo Forstie. Not having any luck but certainly trying!


Joyce said...

It's sure a bummer with your photos and the bebo site ... I promptly got the same thing on my computer trying to view someone's photos. I get the same message now everytime I get on it ... I'm done with bebo.
I sure hope you can keep this site going ... I really enjoy reading your updates and looking at the fun pictures you take.
GP, Joyce K

Anita said...

I will keep it up! Glad to know that someone enjoys it!

Anonymous said...

i enjoy it too....just not good in the commenting department. It's kind of right up there with the calling department too. Not so good at that either! my plan was to call you last night, and ronda came over, and again tonight my plan was to call, and that didn't pan out either! you're on my list tho...!