Friday, July 10, 2009

Off fishing

These lovely things came off the hooks yesterday.
They were loaded up with enough poles and tackle that I ought to be safe. Or ... everyone else ought to be safe when I start fishing. I have a way with the poles. Kind of end up with 2 for the price of one by the time I'm done. :)

Fred and Jari filled this bugger with waders, poles, sleeping bags and a tad bit of food.

They headed down to someplace that sort of looks like this. Couldn't you just live at the seaside? I could. In a heartbeat.

The girls here went to Jolene's baby shower last night. Thought about taking the camera and should have for the family that isn't here ... and the mom to be. The thought crossed my mind and the camera wasn't in the path of the thought. Hence, no pictures. I was a tad bit tired as well. Was a bit of a busy day yesterday at work.

On call this evening and if all goes well (and I can keep my eyeballs open) the rest of us will join the guys that are down south. Us girls want to go do some fishin'!

This year we can dip net as well. We're finally legal here. Resident licenses that make salmon a little cheaper than what felt like $100 a pound last year. Hopefully we have some cooperating fish somewhere.

Warren Raisanen and Brady Kumpula, along with some others I don't know, are down in Homer fishing right now. We may even get to share a cup of coffe with them. That would be super!

As for me ... time to go to work. Today is payday! The most looked at part of the paystub is how many PTO hours we have. Not enough to merit a day off. So ... off I go. Enjoy your Friday. Have a great weekend. I'll be back to pick some zucchini on Monday.


Anonymous said...

Have fun fishing!! and hopefully the salmon are bitin!

Anita said...

So much for that idea. Not going after all. :( Jari & Fred weren't having any luck and are coming home tonite. Oh well ... so it goes!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! what a bummer! so now what are your plans for the weekend?? hopefully plan B involves something fun!