Thursday, June 4, 2009

Solo traveling nerves

We've all had them.
First time interview.
Big interview.
First time call about a child from school.
New job.

This poor toothbrush saw the brunt of it yesterday evening. Altho' excited to go for months, it was right down to the wire. Luggage was packed, including phone charger, camera charger and enough shoes for every occasion.

The toothbrush didn't survive. I figured she'd have a dangerous weapon by the time she was done! One of those not fit to travel with in this day's world.

The toothbrush hit the trash barrel.
We hit the road.
She hit the airport ... easily landed her the appropriate seat on the appropriate flight.
Made her change over in Seattle sometime in the midddle of the night and is winging her way to Phoenix as I write.
It was 68 degrees here on our run to the airport last evening.
I can't wait to hear what she has to say about the 90's and 100's!


Anonymous said...

is it the 4th already?? wow, that just snuck right up on me! We'll be excited to see her on the 9th!
Poor toothbrush! :)

jodi said...

I saw here at the pool at Yavapai hills, was surprised to see her!!

Anita said...

Jodi - that's what she said ... how fun! Amazing how fast they grow up isn't it?