Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wednesday we got door knobs on ...

the doors coming into the house. Project #? nearly done. My wood rocking chair is glued and drying ... tied together with bungee cords. It was kind of a wet day so the Scrabble board got a bit of use at the table. Plenty of coffee drinking and jawing. :)

Decided to head to Hatcher Pass and take a look. Sometimes it might be nicer up there than here. Still had some sprinkles. Didn't do any hiking, but got to show them one of our favorite places.

A stop at the Little Su River on the way down from Hatchers. Had to add this picture in here. I was a great fan of the Littles books when I was young. Even since then ... I've read a few to to the kids. Tia just sent me back into the pages of the book with this photo.
We had dinner, came up with a plan for the next few days, went to Song Services, came home and packed the camper. At about midnight, this group headed out. The fishermen and fisherwomen should be on the river by now and hopefully reeling in some big ones! Grandma, Brock and I are heading out in about an hour and I'm not ready yet ... first things first, right? If all goes as planned ... we should see a few things in the next couple of days .... log some serious auto miles ... catch a few fish ... do a bit of handwork ... read a book ... and enjoy a bit of Alaska summer!

We'll be back to let you know where we went and what we did!

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