Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday evening and we made it home

The first carload successfully made it to the campground at about 4 a.m. The second carload left before noon on Thursday and headed south. As we pulled into our campground we saw this lovely camp guardian several spots from ours. Just happily munching ... couldn't care less if she was being eyed by Canon.

I think I could get into this kind of camping. A toilet nearby ... a firepit already dug ... and no near neighbors. Did a short visit with the camp hosts, but otherwise we sort of hung out for a while. The earlier bunch had been fishing on the Russian River all afternoon with no luck but the Combat Fishing has certainly been experienced! Decided we were going to try some night fishing, and in the meantime gave up on the Seward idea and headed close by to check out the City of Kenai. Decided that even knowing it would be incredibly windy .... I could live right here and be content with the ocean breezes.

Another old building in Kenai.

Back to while away a few hours 'til we headed fishing. Anna checking the internet ... and then more than just several games of Scrabble.

We fished until nearly 3 a.m. Can you believe it? I didn't have waders or a pole. I borrowed a pole occasionally and managed to return them UNBROKEN. Major feat for me. I just had to sort of giggle. Was light enough to see while untangling lines. I'm pretty good at it now. Wish I had brought a camera, but it really wouldn't have done the scene any justice. My three youngest kids, their dad and grandpa all lined out in the water casting lines. A guide was just down the river fishing with his boys and stopped to chat with us as he was leaving. No fish. "If the guide ain't catching anything ... and dad ain't catching anything ... we ain't catching anything" became Brock's line. Grandpa had a good one that went something like this: "I'll keep casting all night long if someone's out here with me ... but there aren't any fish in here." Good for giggles. We got back to the camper and crawled in. Grandma and Grandpa in the bed up top. Mom and Dad in the table turned bed. 3 kids sprawled on the floor. Reminded me of boat days. Was really fun ... can't wait to do it again!

Today, Friday, one carload headed for some sightseeing. I took Tia, along with G/G to the Wildlife Conservation Center to see a grizzly. Last time I was there the bears were being fed. This time he was being a bit lazy, but at least we got to see him. Saw some fun other critters as well.

Next off to Whittier. Couldn't you just sit here and sip your morning coffee? I certainly could. Had some yummy chowder and burgers here ... and then showed them a bit of Whittier. There isn't much to see in Whittier, but I love to bring folks there. Is relatively close to where we are and it is just kind of fun.

No glacier hiking for us, but a view from afar. Grandma was a bit chilly. She didn't bring not even one pair of jeans with her! I offered to go shopping, but she thinks she'll be fine.

Clouds ... snow ... ice ... green growth .... beautiful!

Good size ice bergs floating about.

Back home again.
Made some chili for dinner.
Took a wonderful shower.
Feels heavenly after several days of none.
Checked the greenhouse to see what happened there in the last 2 days. There is certainly progress going on in there. Also need to do some fertalizing tomorrow.
Grandpa and Jari are heading off to fish again tonite. Wish them luck. Grandpa says a good day of fishing is when there is nothing to clean afterward. I think Grandma doesn't mind not needing to can anything to bring home.
The rest of us are heading to Anchorage. I've never been to the Saturday Market ... going to go check it out!

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