Tuesday, March 16, 2010

We had a visitor in the past few days

We had a visitor in the past few days. Spring came to call. Saturday dawned beautiful with sunlight actually streaming in the window at 8:30 in the morning. Gloriously beautiful!!

Saturday I was able to accomplish a few things. This cute little basket doesn't make the innards of it any more palatable ....

and the road to a completed job goes through much in the way of paper pile disaster! I managed to lose 2 girls and a husband over to helping Ross & Denise with their new house. One kiddo was working on school stuff. Another was out snow machining ... I was playing with yeasty dough and the paper pile!

Alyx treated me to a wonderful birthday treat! She and I headed out for manicures and pedicures. A first for me. We decided that we could forego the manicure, but the pedicure .... aaaah. Should I ever make it to warm beaches in the tropics where sandals are a must ... I know where I'm headed first!

Took a trip to Ross & Denise's in the evening. Their new house is going to be absolutely wonderful for a bunch of little people and entertaining ... which she does so much of so incredibly well.  :)

Sunday we had a new experience. In the past few months we met a young man named Cody who has battled with Muscular Dystrophy and lost his fight last week. Although Cody visited our house several times, I wasn't able to get to know Cody very well. His spirit and determination were evident from the stories that were shared at the funeral. What is the most important is that Cody was given the grace to believe the first part of January. Death was imminent for him at sometime ... his was not a life that would be long lived and he knew that. I have to call it one of God's miracles .. one that we were able to see with our own eyes. Imagine being afraid to die. Imagine knowing that you are not going to live long and being afraid of death. God knew what Cody needed and sent His angel to do His work. Cody was given the gift of faith at the end of his life and the peace to rest securely ... what a blessing.

We're going to celebrate spring. It probably isn't here yet ... we're just pretending. Oreo basks in the sunshine. I came home yesterday and headed out to clean the car. Washing nooks and crannies after a winter of yuck. Saved the vacuuming for another day ... good excuse to go out there tomorrow again for a while.

In the meantime ... I can sit out on the porch, close my eyes and pretend. Listen to the sounds of melting snow as it runs down the gutter system. Could almost sound like a stream. The thermometer out there hit 60 degrees yesterday. Am imagining that the greenhouse was about the same. I'm starting to feel the itch of spring and seeds!

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Joni said...

I want spring, too! We have had beautiful sunshine for many days, but the temps are still below freezing, and it's driving me crazy! What a touching story about Cody ...