Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The changing of color

It really took me several days to get used to the color ... and I love it! To go from stark white big and tall walls to completely nonwhite was a bit of a transition. I'll take pictures of the other side one of these days ... it's fabulous! My hubby has been a busy man.

I came home yesterday to this ....

This is not a normal sight. Just so you know that. He spent all day painting .. didn't stop for lunch anywhere along the way. The hall to the bathroom/bedrooms was done. Entry way was done. Wall behind the piano was done (including moving that heavy thing). Dining room wall was done. Alyx had told him I'd be thrilled if the kitchen was done before I got home. He was certainly trying ... crooked neck and all!

It's called Reddened Earth ... isn't suppose to be pink. It really doesn't look pink when it dries ... looks really good. Green would have been good, but I didn't want it looking like a Christmas tree around here. I already have Santa pictures still hanging and it's the end of March. Better not push it with Christmas paint as well!

I think I might just come home and gaze at it today. It has probably been 3 years since we had anything but a light or white wall in our world. Anna says it feels like a cabin in here. I like that. Cozy cabins are great places to be.


Joni said...

These are so close to the same colors we used in our living/dining room and kitchen when we painted about a year ago ... :-) I just love the combination! Your house looks so fun!

Anita said...

That is certainly a coincidence ... I've never even seen your house!

Anonymous said...

I love the colors. Our apartment
hasn't been painted since they were
built. I really, really would like them painted. But what color?
Something light but not white! Mom

Heather said...

Love the colors!!!

Anita said...

I'm enjoying it too!! A few more walls to do and we should be nearly done upstairs. :)