Monday, March 29, 2010


PFD applications are done!!!
Just need a signature from Blayde and off it goes in the mail.
Why I put off these things is beyond me. Always finding something better to do.

Like cleaning out magazines. And finding interesting places to stay. What about this one? A sphere hanging from a tree. Wish I had some really big trees around here. Am thinking that a treehouse (big people overnite visitor size) would be a lot of fun.

If you're interested in just checking this out (anything to avoid the dishes or laundry) click on here.

I am thrilled to be able to send things down to that huge Ikea bag in the closet downstairs. Let's see what else I found yesterday. Is this just the most amazing thing you've ever seen? This man does this amazing sand art ... only to be washed away when the waves come through.

It just makes me want to take a broom and head for a beach. I think that we could manage something little at Clam Gulch and be able to take photos from above. Stunning!

Off to do something a little on the productive side.

Still no washing machine. We have to buy a new one.
Jari started working on one of the "million miles to a gallon" cars today. Let's hope we can get those up and running someday soon.

Happy Monday!

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