Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The purpose of our jaunt to the valley

was certainly two fold. The first, and most important, reason was to attend the Winter Services. We have certainly missed them while we've been gone. It was a very special treat to enjoy them as a visitor rather than being on the working end.

The second reason was to see friends. Brock, Anna & Tia had not been back since we left. It was important to Jari & I that they make it back to Phoenix as well.

I am dreaming of going next year again ... but I don't know. I was adding up how many PTO hours I would need from work in order to do all the things I want to this year. Hmmm. I don't get THAT much vacation time. And then there are the other sort of minor details ... like plane tickets. I really need to convince a kiddo to go work for the airline. And. Soon.


Joni said...

It's been fun to see the pics and read a bit about your trip! I'm so happy for you that you could make it there! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

How many years ago was it that we
were sitting at Randalls in St. Louis Park? I mentioned that I had
so wished some of our children would work for an airline so we could fly as we love to travel.
Denise said, "Grandma, I'll go work
for an airline."