Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday in Willow

The crowd was not this size 2 years ago when we went out for the Restart of the Iditarod. Has it grown!

We spent some time walking around the area where the teams were cordoned off before the race started.

Martin Buser relaxing.

I began to think that Iditarod is a reason to wear your furs. I also decided that I want one. Not with a tail ... but then again, you never know!

Mushing isn't just a single persons sport ... it encompasses many families as well. We watched young ones saying goodbye to daddy at the start line.

Patience ...

I really don't have a foot fetish. :)

The trail to Nome .. groomed and ready ....

I could spend hours just looking at pictures of these dogs. Each team has 16 dogs ... when you start taking photos every second ...

Hailing from Minnesota ... he is somewhere in the Top 10 on Jen's List of winners.

This one is not one bit anxious to hit the trail. This one is long past anxious.

Staying warm ... it was a wee bit chilly out there.

The crowd certainly grew. I couldn't believe it!

Our shuttle ride back to the Wasilla High School where we had parked.

Brought Jen to the airport last night ... and she got bumped. (I never get that lucky!) We came back home with snow falling most of the way. It followed us.

This morning I've been outside with the tape measure. 4 inches on the rail and falling. I had better get off the computer and start brooming off the truck. Wonder if I'll make it out the driveway!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! As I was looking at these, I had Trena on my lap ... when she saw the picture of the sippy cup in the car window, she reached for it and said "mine". She has one just like it and had a fit when I wouldn't give her the one in the picture.
~ Joyce