Sunday, March 21, 2010

Anyone up for a game night?

I spent Saturday after "noon" at home. Blayde and I had an errand to run in Palmer, hit the library for another book and came home to the kitchen. Kitchen = relaxation in my world. Friendship muffin time again. This time I added applesauce and decreased oil and sugar. Delicious! I've come to the point in life where I really do NEED two more muffin tins. Baked bread for the first time in months. Yum!

And I cleaned. Tried to organize little corners. We don't have any book shelves in our house. We have closets ... but no shelves. Where on earth does a person store all their STUFF?! Downstairs in another closet apparently. I don't save books ... they just accumulate and then I pass them on to someone else to read. The accumulation is the problem. Should really have a "Book Swap" party some night with ladies. I do save magazines. Need to find some old milk crates for those. For now, I settled for a huge Ikea bag. I go through magazines and rip out pages of things I like. The things I like go into a 3 ring binder that is organized by things like Christmas, Wedding, Storage, Inside Gardening etc. Works well for me. I can go through them and dream about what I'd like to get done. My version of window shopping. The rest of the magazine goes into a pile for school projects. When I no longer have kids needing them .... then they can leave the house. For the next 2 weeks ... this closet will look nice. :) After that ... it will be back to bedlam again ... I'm quite sure.

Wow! This has been almost an hour of uninterrupted computer time! The kids were at hockey last night and they're sleeping in this morning. I have my usual Sunday morning work to accomplish ... and then try figure out where I fit in everything that didn't get done yesterday!

For those of you who have little ones trampling at your feet right now .. perhaps many of them and life at this stage seems sort of endless ... consider this. We are talking graduation here. Alyx will graduate in May. Blayde will graduate in August. Brock will have enough credits to graduate high school in September ... tho' he may walk graduation in Spring 2011. Time seems to march along like a hiking trail to the top of a mountain. There are rough rocky spots making you wonder how you'll ever make it, then gentle slopes where you just enjoy the view and before you know what's happened ... you've reached the summit.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Heather said...

Wow, 3 graduations???? That's great!