Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's been busy ...

and I feel like I can't get at this computer for any length of time. The kids are on spring break. That means that once again I'm sleeping later in the morning, cutting computer time a wee bit short for me. Evenings and computer are just not synonymous in my mommy language.

This morning I really pulled in a few extra minutes of sleep. Can't stand it. Shut the alarm off at three separate ring times ... and then the eyeballs popped open wide at 7:28 a.m. Horrors! I start work at 8:00. I was 2 minutes late and even managed 2 cups of coffee and a shower. Don't ask. I really did use shampoo and soap. The quality of the scrub might be debatable.

We had planned to go out of town this weekend and looks like we are not going. Planned for the second weekend of April instead. Avalanches down south and I'm not interested in being stuck in Seward for a week while they blast out snow banks. Much as I love Seward and could use some relaxation ... that sounds a wee bit stressful. So, while I was planning another busy weekend, I switched my coffee committee turn to be on tonite instead of Sunday. Thought I'd try something that has been making my mouth water for awhile now. Monkey Muffins by the Pioneer Woman.
They were just as easy as she suggests. Just because ... I used Fat Free sweetened condensed milk. I'm afraid I did use butter ... next time I'll try something lower in saturated fats. Delicious with many favorable comments!!

As long as I'm rambling on here ... while we were in Arizona, we were having discussions about watching saturated fats. My cholesterol level recently did indicate a butter consumption rate that wasn't acceptable. Shucks. I really do love the stuff. Not just butter. Sugar. Lots of sugar. I would be such a bad diabetic. In an effort to at least try and watch the saturated fats, I learned a few lessons from Frans & Jenny. I went grocery shopping when I came home. I bought the stuff Frans has been using on his toast. I even tried it on my mashed pototoes and didn't add the real stuff. Not too bad. The problem with buying this miracle fake butter stuff is that if you walk into the Fred Meyer in Palmer, you walk right past the Easter stuff on the way to the dairy section.

Why do they do that to a person? I am ever so thankful that I haven't discovered Cadbury Mini Eggs at any time other than Easter. I would be so out of luck. While on the Low Sat Fat learning curve, I also discovered that I should be using Canola Oil in my baking. Hah!!

So I was really thrilled to make this "Better Than Anything Cake" when Jen was here. Canola Oil. I kind of justified that it made it acceptable to eat. One piece. After. Another. Gotta love stretch denim. Wonder who invented it. Ought to send them a Thank You card. Tomorrow.

On to our week. I think it's nearly planned right clear through to Monday morning when school is back in session again. I really think it took about 30 minutes this evening to fill every hole in the schedule. Not bad, hey? I do plan on being home on Saturday for a while. Before I go crazy. Certifiable. I need to clean out some paper and see the bottom of the laundry room. That might keep me just this side of Certifiable.


Anonymous said...

too funny! darn those cadbury eggs, but they are oh so good!! I am pleased to announce that my hard work has paid off at least a little...I am four pounds down! now to not get overly excited, and fall off...gotta keep going! keep the eggs at the store! sounds like you guys had a great time with jen there! could really imagine myself at your kitchen table with a game of settlers!!

Anonymous said...

Yummmm... that cake is so good!

Heather said...

I'm back to countiung carbs and have to pump out the miles on the bike... trying to get out walking, pulling Miss Heidi in her wagon too. I think Shawn would have a stroke with no real butter in the house.. last night he needed me to run to the store to get a pizza at almost 10PM. I went as I needed some things, but before going, told him WE don't need it. His response was that he could eat it all and I wouldn't have to.... I didn't eat it, but gained 3 pounds smelling it :)