Sunday, March 7, 2010

Iditarod 2010

The time has come again ... for the running of the Iditarod. Last year we didn't attend either of the starts, ceremonial or restart. Jen is here this year for the weekend. :) It is very motivating to experience all of it!! We went into Anchorage yesterday bright and early, hoping to be able to find decent parking. The weather was a bit sketchy on the way there.

Figured we aren't too late in the game if we're following the Eagle River team in to town. According to the announcer ... this was the closest team ... by far! (fyi: Eagle River is between our house and Anchorage)

The crowds swelled. At one point I gave up and walked down the alleyway. Jen said a good portion of her flight was here for Iditarod. I wonder how many people (out of state and country) descended on Anchorage yesterday. Super fun. The weather was nice. The wind had left ... the day was gorgeous!

I wonder if they have any inkling of what is ahead for them. They're snoozing like it's a normal day. They have no clue that people around the entire world will be watching their progress.

Jen tells me that once they are in harness and hooked up they most definately KNOW. The sounds of barking and whining dogs filled downtown.

This one certainly knows he wants to run ...

He may not have a clue what that banner up ahead reads ... but he knows.

Many handlers taking care of the 4 legged ones.

Keeping them from escaping when they were having a tantrum. This ones buddies were in harness and ready to go. He wasn't having anything to do with it. He was dowright torked off.

Meanwhile ... well wishes abounded

Frankenstein was even roaming the streets.

It is fun to have Jen here! She's teaching me all kinds of things about mushing. I should really head over to the Iditarod musuem someday.

Off the went! One in a kilt ....

Others with quite the crew on their runners ... I don't know where they hop off ... this is a cermony afterall.

72 teams ... one leaves every 2 minutes ... it didn't take long for the crowds to get a little smaller. We didn't go too much further past the start line. I imagine the crowds up there were no less thick with people.  Today, Sunday, we'll go to Willow and watch the restart (real start) of the race. Speaking of which ... I should start waking up folks.

While this part of the family is out trudging through snow in our Sorrels ... the parents/grandparents ....

were on the North Shore of Oahu yesterday. The waves there weren't very large yesterday, but the weather looks absolutely heavenly!!

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