Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Beach Party was a blast!

If I try adding text to the top of this post ... the photos all start moving around! Will see how they show up when I hit publish! (You should be able to click on a photo to see it larger.)

We enjoyed some games like throwing sponges into bowls in the pond, the fishing pond (which was made really great by the tugging on the line to make it a REAL big one) and blind obstacle courses. Plenty of balloons were left in the rafters when we left. We had "beach food" including soda, chips, salads and subs ... topped off with ice cream. A volleyball game that was played by the highest bidders to play. Keeping the kids out of the "red line" proved challenging, but it was fun. A raffle basket of beach items that the girls were really hoping to win. Wally and Lisa with family certainly won the best dressed award. I just had to giggle. Kiddos coming in with flip flops and shorts, topped by winter jackets and hats. Quite cute! Super fun evening that raised nearly $1,000 for the building fund!

Heather - the little love wearing the knit hat with flowers on it is Vivian ... just for you. :)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like it was a hoot! Still chuckling over Wally and Lisa's picture!