Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm rethinking the strike

At the moment I'm just trying to feel like I'm back in nursing school again. Not the studying and the stress of testing. The mess. I had to learn how to just let some things go. And go they did! Oh, did they go. Job list again starting Monday at this house. For the moment we'll just make it through the weekend again.

Jari has been over helping Ross & Denise work on their new house. (Can't wait to see it.) They've been putting a good deal of paint on the walls over there. I don't know that any of it has been white ... maybe the garage. Gives one the itch to do something at home as well. And it's getting done. :) We picked some colors off Sherwin Williams website on Wednesday evening. Then my thrifty hubby sent me a text yesterday saying that the paint was too expensive and he didn't want to spend that much money on paint right now. Silly me, I believed him ... he's done that numerous times. Later in the day I got a text that looked like this.

It looks kind of orange doesn't it? It isn't. The way the light was hitting it ... it did. It is Fired Brick red and looks awesome. He did the wall behind him as well. :) :) :) The other color started hitting the walls last night as well. We picked a color for the kitchen ... the master bathroom for accent walls. We never painted when we moved in here almost 2 years ago. I think it's due. (Justification going on here.) Absolutely love that it will all be freshly done before summer!

Yesterday, or the day before, I hit the internet button on my computer and was almost thrilled. Saddened and relieved at the same time. At the top of the Yahoo's news for the moment was an article about boots that I've been coveting.

I've really been wanting a pair of these. On our jaunt to AZ, I was going to hit Nordstrom's Rack and try find me a pair. But after reading this I feel much better. My feet would not be happy in these boots for very long. Summer is around the corner ... and then next winter will be here again .. and I'll be whining about wanting the boots again. I know me pretty well.

Tonight we have a Beach Party Fundraiser going on. Fun!!! We look forward to a lot of it! Years ago in Phoenix, we had a Christmas in July party at Lauri & Cindy's house. (I remember several super fun fundraisers at their house.) The Christmas Party was so much fun. Completely unexpected in the wrong season. Today the wind in Palmer is whipping like a winter gale. The snow is melting and it's 34 degrees outdoors, but yesterday it felt like there was a good storm coming on. Or I was really tired and it felt like it. Tonite the Beach Party complete with summer beach activities ... without water. Beach food ... beach games including a volleyball competition. I'll do my best to take photos. Fred has worked on a game here and I almost finished making the bean bags for it last night. If you're visiting at our house this summer ... be prepared to play lots of it outside as long as the skeets are biting too bad. We had so much fun playing at Dave & Jody's when we were there several years ago.

I really do like Google images for borrowing pictures. And I thoroughly enjoy this game. Looking forward to playing. Not tonight. I think I might be a bit busy in the behind the scenes activity tonite.

Just so you know. In case you wondered. Our yard is an ice field. Global warming has turned my yard into such a ice field that my car (which weighs about 17,300 pounds) has slid into the middle of the yard. No easy feat. That means it slid nearly two entire car lengths since I parked it last night. Maybe I don't want a lake outside my front door!


Anonymous said...

I love the red walls!! My bedrooms all need to be painted in a bad way! Send Jari this way next:)
Have fun at the "beach" tonight, and I'll be waiting to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love the color! Now I'm wishing I could paint my walls! Are you sure your vehicle slid? Or did someone use it? :)

Joni said...

Your house looks so pretty! I'm wondering if that's exactly the color we used on a couple of our walls in our house - it's at least very close. The name sounds familiar ....

How was the beach? :=)