Sunday, January 1, 2012

It is the New Year. Oh. My.

Does that mean that I should join the rest of the world in the Making New Years Resolutions Frenzy?
Should I even bother?

I don't think I will.

So. There.

I will plan on doing a few things this year.
Resolving involves coming to definite or earnest decision about something.
The things I plan on tackling this year don't need to be definite and aren't anything near earnest.
Some may enhance my life in some way or another.
Others include just plain fun.

1. Our home needs more people visiting in it, so (borrowing this one from Gloria today) once a month I am scheduling entertaining. Lunch, dinner, dessert .... something.

2. At least every other month I want to see something new in Arizona. We have lived here a long time, though segmented now, and there are many things I have never seen or done here. Hopefully, the outing will include someone besides my lone self. My hubby and the more of my children the better.

3. Debt Free Living, or at least a few steps closer to it. Maybe I should be resolving because this one doesn't sound like too much fun.

4. Photos. This year they will move from photo boxes into some album or another.

5. Kids' Scrapbooks and photo albums will be caught up this year.

6. I won't do more than one new craft project a week until I at least spend some time on the Photos and Kids' Scrapbooks ... at least a minute or two.

7. Cookbooks abound in this house. I'm not a collector, but there are enough of them here to certainly cook one new meal every week for the next year. I'll try and share it with you and rate it. Our rating system goes something like "Should I make this once a week or once a year?" Being as my preference is for sweet stuff .... you might just see more of that than anything else.

8. Travel. This should also be in the resolution department as this falls in the earnest decision category. I'm not going far away, as in needing a passport or anything like that, but far enough to see bunches of family.

That should do it.
Except for the money thing and the cooking thing, the rest just look like a whole lot of fun.

I think I can handle it.

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