Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Birthday Celebrations Galore

We started our past weekend's celebration of Jari's birthday with dinner at the Rock Springs Cafe with Juha & Annette. No people pictures, sorry. We've met there often over the years. To pick up, trade, visit, whatever the case was at the time. Super fun to be able to do it again! If you're ever driving by here on the way in or out of Phoenix, it is really worth a stop. They are renowned for their pie ... which I never manage to save enough room for!

Grilled salmon dinner on Saturday and then birthday cake and coffee over at Randy & Renee's.
Jari and Randy share the same birthday ... although they might just be a few years apart. :)
We haven't had the occasion to do this for a while.
Randy has been in Spokanne while we've been in Alaska.
Now we're all back home again.

Renee made their family's traditional must have. I don't know if it is Blitz or Blintz Torte.
Either way .... absolutely delicious.
They are some goofballs. I'm telling you.

I even got to sample a piece of Trenary Toast.
Growing up in Minnesota, rather than Michigan, we called ours Korppu.
Ours didn't come in a brown bag, rather a white box.
Either way ... it all tastes the same.
Jari's mom use to make it out of pulla.
If anyone has any hints/tips/recipes/ideas of how to do that ...
I'd love to hear them.

As if we hadn't had enough of gorging ourselves, we went back to Claim Jumper
with Frans & Jenny and Ronda.
The food was delicious. Don't get me wrong.
There was just way too much of it.
I'm still feeling the effects of it.
We did have a fun evening of visiting and even a game of Settlers.
I won. Not that I'm tooting my own horn or crowing. I WON!!! I WON!!! I WON!!!

No more eating like that.
Even Jari, who can manage to put away serious amounts of food, said enough is enough.
He might even be happy to eat spaghetti!

Happy Birthday to Jari and special thanks to everyone for all the get togethers over the weekend!
I even managed to forget all about the Home Show!

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