Saturday, January 21, 2012

No excuses today!

How is that we find so many excuses to work?
So many reasons why we shouldn't run out and play for a while.
The laundry. Helllloooo? It hasn't stopped yet and it isn't going to stop anytime soon. So what if it waits a while today.
The yardwork. One can just get busy with life's things and let that piece of life slide. But if you're planning, or even thinking, about something that might involve fun ... all of a sudden it is of the utmost importance to get it done. Go figure.
We guilt ourselves into not enjoying things.
Other times, to be perfectly frank, I come up with excuses.
It is too cold. Now, how do you like that one?!
We watched parades in Palmer in the freezing of winter, but it was too cold and rainy on the evenings around Christmas when we wanted to go to Glendale and see the Christmas lights.
Perhaps it borders on the lazy. Whatever the excuse is, today we ignored all of them.
I did have one daughter who wasn't so hip on the idea of going, but she went and I think she'll be the first one in the car next time. She has learned well. Stay with Mom at the mall. Don't run off with the girls!

Today we went to the other side of the valley.
I intended to stop at a Teen Resale shop and see if they would take some clothes. They weren't open yet and we know someone who could use them, so they stayed in the trunk.
Off to Ross Dress for Less.
Alyx is heading back to Alaska on Friday .... and it will be a while before she sees that store again, so time to stock up on some good deals.
I even found some glue runner tape things for scrapbooking. 5 of them for the price of 1. Sweet!
Then to Arrowhead Mall where I've never been before. I might be back there again. Very likely.
The girls got to use up some gift cards ... and more stores for Alyx that she won't see in a while.

We finally made it to downtown Glendale. I wish we had been there several hours earlier or could have stayed several hours longer, but so it goes. We made it for a while.

We ate. We laughed. Mom played paparazzi while her subjects totally humored her! Even if their comments went something like, "mom .... why do you want pictures of me?!"
Quite simply, because I'm a mom.


These stolen moments, my friends, are forever treasures.


Susan Stevenson said...

Love, love, LOVE the photos! Looks like so much fun, and you have great memories and photos to keep too. Beautiful girls!

Jenny said...

I love all the pictures of the girls!

Anita said...

Thanks! I sort of liked the pictures as well!