Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday afternoon.

The sun is shining.
The breeze is blowing.
It is absolutely divine outdoors!
I am home from working a few hours today.
Freezer jam is in the fridge or freezer.
And the biggest thing of all .... I actually have my hands on the computer!!
Expect miracles. :)

So .... my pondering this Monday leads me to something incredibly trivial.
We all spend time in the car. Some a whole lot more than others.
Lately, it seems like I have days where I could just move into the car with my night clothes and wake up there in the morning.
What do you do when you drive the freeways?
Do you visit on your cell phone? (I'm talking talking, not texting.)
Does an audio book play to pass the time?
Are your ears glued to the radio?
Does it depend on who is in the car with you?
It does for me.
If I'm alone .... I'm either chatting it up or totally absorbed in a book.
On the other hand, if I have kids in the car with me ... we're slugging each other.
We haven't stopped playing games. Ones that make you laugh.
We smack each other at every yellow car you see. Not just Slug Bugs.
At times it can become a wee bit distracting when you're eyeing the Target parking lot you're zooming past at 70 mph.
So far so good.
Last Thursday Brock and I were the ones riding up the freeway. They've put in medians that are too tall to adequately see over unless we're in the truck ... and we weren't. I started doing things like seeing a yellow ladder on top of a truck that wasn't yellow and figuring it was fair game. Not really fair. So we moved on to the next game.

The alphabet game is one we have played since the kids were wee ones. Search for the letters of the alphabet in order on signs, license plates, billboards, wherever you can. Inside your own car doesn't count. They always try that. It may seem juvenile. However, it lends to some good healthy competition. Now that we live in a metropolis again ... the alphabet is everywhere. We were sort of on Round #2 of our alphabet thing and getting close to home. Without a Q in sight. How do you stop at a Q when you know there is one just down the road a ways? You don't.

We got our Q's ... and Brock got us all some marvelous tasting chocolate shakes.
Even after all the times I smacked him for those yellow ladders.
Ain't he a good kid?

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