Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesdays Wild Wingings

Wednesday started with the moon this morning. I've been wanting moon pictures lately. Probably helps that it is full and in the evening as it rises over the horizon I just keep seeing endless possibilities! This morning I saw it heading over the other end of the horizon. I really should have gotten a picture of myself trying to get a picture of the moon. It was quite hilarious. Maybe I'm more limber than I give myself credit for. I was also quite thankful that the sprinklers start on the opposite side of the yard from where I was doing some sort of yoga position with a camera.

While I was doing my calesthenics out in the backyard the sky was looking all shades of fun sunrise colors to the other horizon. I was giving Tia a lift to school and then headed out a short hop down the raod to try and catch the sunrise. Apparently, I should have been out there a wee bit earlier. Maybe tomorrow morning instead. As it was, the mountains still look beautiful against the pastel of the sky.

Moon sets and sun rises sure weren't happening inside the microwave! What the dickens! I'll bet if I asked how this happened, I'd find out "I Don't Know" has moved back into the house again. Ugh. My only consolation somedays is that they will someday live in their own homes. Let's hope they either have a maid or figure it out by then! My favorite ever household cleaner is Thieves. It makes short work of even this disaster. I love the smell of it in the house .....

so borrowing another idea from Pinterest ... I used Thieves essential  oil inside these canning jars rather than lavender. I don't know why, but I'm just not a great fan of lavender.
These are just plain ol' cheap WalMart brand canning jars.

Filled about 1/4 of the way with baking soda, to which I added 6 to 7 drops of essential oils. The heart shapes were pounded into the lids, with holes large enough to be able to shake out the baking soda as a carpet deoderizer if so desired. I'm not crazy about the gold colored tops these had on them, so I did my spray paint routine. I'm still not out of black ... yippee!! I used up some ribbon that has been sitting here much too long too dress the jars up a bit. One on the piano and one in the master bedroom ... both lightly scenting the air.

I did have a very productive day today.
The bathrooms are scoured, the tubs/showers cleaned with my second favorite bathroom cleaner.
The dust bunnies were all moved out of the laundry room and it was reorganized a tad bit.
The laundry is all done.
A little crafty to soothe the aches of scouring.
A stop at Goodwill where I found more treasures which I'll share another day.
All those make for a good day!
As good as the day can be, it just isn't ever complete without giggles and laughs from these two.
Occasionally they have a tussle. Not often.

I'm one lucky mom.


Anonymous said...

I saw part of the sky this morning from the backyard, and thought it looked so pretty...all the reds! I am kicking myself that I didn't go out with my camera! maybe tomorrow morning... I love the picture you got! and I love the air fresheners!

Gloria said...

What a day! I loved the moon, too! I am always watching the sky. I love your moon shot. It looks like a lamp! Great air fresheners!