Friday, January 20, 2012

Too much time?

Do I have too much time on my hands?
Perhaps I do and I am thoroughly loving it.
To those of you who have very busy lives with little ones right now, I know this may seem like a utopia. Crafting, running and living what looks to be the life of leisure. In actuality, it sort of feels like it somedays.
Remember, though, that we all have our own challenges at each stage and phase of our lives. Perhaps they are phases or places that we've just come through and this is our respite for a moment.
Whatever it is .... right now I am most appreciative.

One evening this week Jari ran out to dream at Barrett Jackson with Randy.
We moms and wives know what that means ... we play.
I really have been working on that New Years Non Resolution. A little at a time. Completing a page here and a page there. That evening it was quite a few pages! It feels downright fine.
This piece is the easy part and it goes pretty fast. Just adding journaling, names and whatnots to pages that already have photos on them.

I am a sentimental soul. From the very inside.
I collect things. I love old things. I love handmade and handwritten things.
I love pieces that I can tuck away and forever cherish because they will always speak to me.
In the handwriting is a voice. A smile. A laugh. A memory.
This one is currently hanging on my fridge ....

while inside ... Jari's treat is sitting.
I may have put too many lemons and not enough sugar into the concoction according to Jari.

I will never know. That is for certain!

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