Monday, January 9, 2012

Memories and Friendship

Isn't it just a miracle when the memory department clicks somedays?
The pastry brush.
I ran into Smart & Final today for a few things on my way home from work and, lo and behold,
I actually remembered to pick one up. I've looked at a few here and there, but am a bit on the picky
side when it comes to some things.
Another thing we use in this house is a lint roller.
I don't know why, but we do. The same store actually stocks them next to the chocolate
bars at the registers. A store that seems to know what my household needs.

Check this out! This would be a disaster in the making.
It is Amish Friendship Bread starter.
I made so much of this in Alaska it started being a serious precurser to Weight Watchers meetings
in my house. It has to be nearly the best thing since sliced bread.
Some unkind soul brought it to work and I promptly grabbed a bag.
The memory might have worked today, the willpower isn't doing so good.
If ayone in Phoenix (I'm not shipping this .. my sympathies!) wants a starter, let me know.
I should have plenty of it before too long.
For that matter, I might just be dropping off Friendship Bread Muffins on your doorstep to boot!

Tonight we started Monday School here in Phoenix. To try maximize space with a very large Sunday School, 6th through 9th grades have moved to Monday nights instead. It won't be every week, rather 2 hours every other week. I'll be curious to hear from some of the teachers and the people in charge how they thought it went tonight. From a teens point of view, it seemed to go well. The mom driver will have to find something to do for several hours. I did run through WalMart for a while and picked up a few things I needed and then went to the church and gabbed with other moms who were waiting for kids. I'd run for coffee or something, but too much evening coffee on a night before an early work morning just doesn't do much for the state of my eyeballs come morning.

Off to the pillow.
Have a fabulous Tuesday!

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