Saturday, January 7, 2012

Planting season has sprung!

Probably more like the itch has sprung.
I needed some things from Home Depot yesterday and then took a detour through the gardening section with Alyx.
The bug bit. Big time.
Murphy's Law declares that now when I have the time to be playing with gardening, I don't have my own yard to play in.

We did start with a few flowers and will see if I can keep those things alive.

I used any container I could find being as my piles of pots got left behind. Now I have a serious reason to be yard sale hopping. When you're to the point of raiding kitchen cupboards for planting containers ... it's time to hit a thrift store or something.

I also started some peas. Not many, but a few. I have no clue where I'll get them to climb. I do know that I have a houseful that eat them nonstop off the vine. Duke doesn't know how to pick them, but even he loves to eat them!

I really did work on those photo albums yesterday before I started this project. I went through 4 years of scrapbook album pages and post it noted the pages that need completion. I even attempted to buy my favorite journaling pens at Office Max yesterday and they didn't sell them. I figured that counted for trying.

This shelf has been lounging around waiting for a yard sale. It arrived looking less than desirable, the back of it so bad that I would never have let it in the house. The back came off and then I started scrubbing and sanding, quickly deciding that the sanding was a waste of time. Home Depot is right down the street ... thank goodness. Spray paint that is primer and paint together, sticks to anything and covers well was the trick. I did roll some different black on it as well on the large spaces. A poly spray when I was done ... and it came into the house today. At least one can of spray paint and nearly another of poly, half of which were probably inhaled by me, had me winging yesterday. Yuck! Probably should have stayed outside one more day to air out. Today it went in our bedroom that doubles as an office. No more totes in that room! 3 totes went out to the garage ... and the shelf is fulfilling its purpose. Sweet! I do need a few more organization things and somewhere to land a printer or two. Why do we always have 2 printers?!

The scroll things on the top are a bit ridiculous, but I figured if I tried to get rid of them the entire shelf might turn out worthless. My hubby does have some interesting "Anita got loose with the skil saw" stories he could share with you. I do still have all my limbs ... might be a good idea to keep them.
Someday I'd like to back the shelf with white bead board.

Being as I was productive yesterday ... today I am being a total slug. Just might get that book read and take a nap!

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