Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Being as returning to Phoenix was not the order of the day ...

Someday I'd like to go back and do some more exploring around the Superstition Mountains. Maybe make that an all day type of thing instead of a drive by. Might be a great place to bring some visitors at the same time. I put it on the agenda for February.
Note to Mom & Dad: If you haven't been here yet ... we're going when you come down here.

I have a great fascination with old white churches. If I was to go inside, it might be sporting some beautiful stained glass and for sure the church pews wouldn't be padded. Perhaps it is a childhood memory thing. Makes me wonder if the ceiling is made of tin squares.

Canyon Lake looked very inviting as well. The temp was in the mid 60's so we didn't feel the need for a serious dip or anything like that. The beauty of water in the middle of the arid desert. Aaaah.

We did feel a need for one of these! Unfortunately, it wasn't very accomodating.

Tortilla Flats. Pretty much a stopping spot for dining, drinks and souvenier shopping.
Probably has some great hiking trails as well. I'm likely to never know. 
That isn't negative thinking, just reality based.

On down the Apache Trail we went. I only yelped once. There are some places that you just need to experience. Photography (at least mine) do it no justice. There is no way to share the enormity of the canyons and cliff walls, just as I could never capture the majesty of Alaska's mountains when driving right next to them.

They mean it when they post signs here. Is this one meant as a heads up kind of thing for the driver coming up the road? I sure hope it isn't meant for the driver once he hits this curve ... 'cuz it's too late by then!

Maybe because this is the Old West, I always imagine some beautiful person in full head dress standing tall and proud on top of those rocks. Perhaps they were watching some unsuspecting wagon trail that was attempting to traverse the landscape below. I sort of like the world I live in today. Air conditioned 4 wheel drive sort of beats the dickens out of a wagon rolling along.

Another sign ... in case a person hadn't noticed that for the last 10 miles or so the road was doing this number. Maybe their eyes were closed and they had no clue. Perhaps it is for the passenger in the car!
Now that would make more sense!

Where, oh where, is that next lake?


Amber said...

wish we did live a whole lot closer too! Keep tossing around the idea to travel your way in February or March. If Ryan is going to be gone for at least another month I might need to come recharge. Can't decide what I should do.

Anita said...

You should most certainly come and "recharge" down here. After all the running (oops. I mean resting.) you'd have a 5 hour flight on which to catch a quick nap before you hit home. By then you might just be recharged! It would be so much fun!