Friday, December 30, 2011

"I think I'm going to tuck you in .....

to a nursing home!"

It has been a long several weeks of work for these 2 guys, and especially for Jari whose days have been very long.  He usually comes home and heads for bed after a shower and short minutes of hellos.

So for a whopping Friday Nite over here ....
the young husband of mine snoozing in the recliner, tucked under a blanket by his son.
The young man's bride sitting on a heating pad on the reclining couch ... under a blanket ... with a laptop and audio book keeping her company.

This week:
  • A few crafting projects got done
  • We got to spend Monday visiting with Juha & Annette
  • Tia's room still isn't touched and her pink rosette kissing balls still aren't done
  • New yummy treat recipes found on Pinterest (recipes that do NOT include any post Christmas dieting)
  • The last of the Thanksgiving cream cheese icing covered carrot bars just went down the hatch
  • Scheme A got finished
  • We celebrated 26 years of wedding bliss this week!
  • Christmas decorations went away this morning and the tree went out to the back yard
  • The year's expenses are all in Quick Books and except for a final perusal and quick fixes, they are ready for the tax man ... all papers filed or shredded
  • The e-mail box got emptied and/or filed into appropriate file folders this evening .. all 400 or so of them
  • I have been drinking way too much coffee and not nearly enough water ... I'm thirsty!
  • While eating the carrot bars, I realized why I did so much Christmas baking ... I'll be eating it at Easter
  • I learned today that rubbing alcohol works to get rid of tree sap on clothing and hands
  • My living room looks a whole lot bigger this afternoon
  • I wonder what I could do with that tree before it hits a tree collection pile somewhere
  • I saw more pallets today on a semi trailer and wondered when I'll be ready to go hunt some down
  • Do I really have to go back to work on Tuesday?!
  • My goal was to read one book during this Christmas break and I still haven't managed it
  • The treadmill was uncovered today ... not sure what that means for me!
  • I got to visit a friend in the hospital today
  • I may not have read, but I have listened to at least half a dozen audio books since the last day I was at work
  • I need one of those pallets to make me a blanket "basket" on wheels ... I do love blankets
  • We don't have any plans for New Years ... do we really need any plans?
  • Tomorrow morning I get to taxi Alyx to her last day of work at her caregiving job
  • We could really use one more car around here
  • I took a loooong nap this late afternoon
  • Tomorrow morning while I'm driving to the other side of town at 6:30 a.m. ... I may regret today's nap
  • Have a safe New Years Eve!

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