Thursday, December 22, 2011

Problematic Pinterest

I have started spending time on Pinterest.
I probably shouldn't have started.
It really isn't the time consumption thing.
I am not taking away from anything else that I should really be doing,
it's the ideas that I keep finding!

Today is December 22. We have 2 days until Christmas Eve.
I still don't have any Christmas Dinner supplies in the house, although the freezer probably has
enough sugar stocked in it for a while.
The last gifts were wrapped this morning, bright and early, and everything is under the tree.
I've sort of had a problem with the limitation department this year. Ugh.
Bearing that all in mind ... I'm working on Pinterest Projects???!!!!

I went to the 99cent Store yesterday and found a double pack of crepe paper for 99cents.
Last evening (while the laundry was spinning and the kids were running) I started making crepe paper flowers. Each piece of crepe paper was cut into 24 inch strips.

Each strip of crepe paper was wrapped into a flower. I tried several ways of doing it and finally managed to find a system that worked relatively quickly.
Excuse this photo ... too much red for my camera.

After making one roll of crepe paper into rosettes, I cut a circle shape out of extra cardboard boxes that were stored in the garage. This one is double thickness, glued together.
Then the task of gluing on the flowers. My trusty glue gun is small and has been with me forever.
The makers of toasters and coffee pots could take a lesson from the glue gun manufacturer!

More rosette making ... and more gluing.
BTW, the house was still sleeping and I've got a great book going on my iphone. :)

Finally the last flowers were glued in place.
The wreath completely full.

The wreath hangs on the white paneled coat closet door which is right inside the front door.
I planned to hang it on a wreath hanger that was missing for several years and is finally found.
I prefer the fishing line look instead.
I'm not crazy about the gold ribbon either, but for now it's what I had on hand.

I do like.
Whether indoors or outdoors.

I haven't linked the idea as I'm on the wrong computer.
I'll add it later if you want to give this one a try yourself.
Next on the list .... upper case letters with fun colors or kissing balls.

But first ... maybe I should go buy a ham and some potatoes.


The link as promised.
 The tutorial is for a Kissing Ball  and I just adapted to make this instead.
Ham and potatoes are in the house .... 
maybe I should make some dinner.


Keith and Kim Kesti said...

So super cute, Anita! I love it. Wouldn't it be pretty in white for a wedding or a spring decoration? Link, please. - Kim

Keilah said...

It's lovely! And you sound like me - I'm still sitting at my sewing machine even though nothing is wrapped! :) Merry couple days before Christmas!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The wreath is really beautiful!

Wishing You
Merry Christmas and
a Blessed New Year!

another Riitta
from Finland

Amber said...

Super cute!! I have a love/ hate relationship with pinterest. Love all the ideas. Hate how much time I can spend on there.