Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The best laid schemes o' mice an' men

today should really sound more like The best laid schemes o' moms.
I had a plan this morning.
I made it as far as Goodwill and was browsing through the store when my phone rang.
Hubby: Are you awake? Are you busy? Can you come pick up Brock ... he's busy running to the bathroom with the squirts.
Um. Sure.
Scheme gone out the window in the space a simple minute's phone call.
Brock was nowhere near where I was planning on heading.
It all worked out well.

On my way down there, I just happened to drive by the Pavillions where I've noticed a Hobby Lobby on previous pass bys.
No one would notice a slight detour, would they?

I did get a phone call as I was leaving the store. Busted!

Being as Scheme A was out of the picture ... I moved on to Scheme B. Mind you, I'm suppose to be working on Quick Books this week instead of playing with spray paint and sewing machines.

But what on earth is a girl suppose to do when she has these things within her reach?!
The metal basket was my find at Goodwill this morning. Sweet!

She decides that Quick Books really isn't that vital on this day of her life and she hauls out the trusty $20 yard sale sewing machine. I only had to mutter at it once today.
Someday I hope to have a crafting space again and maybe it will actually include a serger.
Today I french seamed because these had to be washing machine safe.

Anna got some black and white bedding for Christmas. Some polka dots and floral prints included with just plain black and white. She needed one more set of pillow cases and it was just too much fun to make these instead of buying some cheapie ones.

I wonder what the music is for and what kind sounds it would evoke if
piano keys were convinced to plunk out its tune.

Next we were on to Tia's room. It is getting some rearranging on Friday ... in pink and black.
We spray painted things today.
These became black and I spent hours making more of those tissue paper flowers.
Pink ones this time.
We'll show you when it's done.
Picture frames went pink and black.
It is going to look cute!

Tomorrow ... Scheme A.
And, okay, Quick Books.

Then again, it is our 26th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow.
Maybe I should go for a massage instead!

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Anonymous said...

here you go again! you are always up to something fun! me and kendra are over here just marveling at how creative you are. those pillow cases are so cute!