Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The mission for today ....

was to find us a Christmas tree.
There are tree lots everywhere here in Phoenix, however, we have grown to love the ones we pick ourselves. The hunt for the not so perfect tree.
We had planned on going up north on Saturday but due to the weather we postponed it.
Today was Tree Day.

Tia went with us and we headed out of town, planning to meet Annette with kids and Dave & Miranda with kids along the way.
The drive up toward our meeting spot was looking a little like we might just have a cactus in our living room ... and then maybe nothing at all!

The views of snow either left from last weekend or newly sprinkled brightened our day!
The tree situation was not looking any better.
Maybe we'll do table top trees this year? We could probably do many, but the permit only allows for one per family.

I have to tell you that Costco is only a few miles away. They sell, I'm sure, beautiful trees.
As do WalMart, Target and nearly every store around.
Between my house and all those lovely convenient tree shopping experiences are only a "few" stoplights. Not any of this absolutely beautiful scenery that we were witness to today.

And then ... what to my wonderful eyes should appear! A tree ... or two!

With enough snow to make snowballs and sunshine to warm the day to a beautiful 25 degrees.

We tromped through snow, found our perfect trees, and headed back for a bonfire complete with hotdogs, marshmallows and hot cocoa. And visiting. Oh, but I do love visiting. Juha wasn't able to join us as he is off toodling across the country. His kids were seriously missing him today. They got to cut the tree, drag the tree .... all that good stuff that dad must usually do.

 The license plates are from the three rigs that went today. Fun, hey?

After a beautiful afternoon enjoying fresh air and sunshine, we all headed home with our trees secured to our rigs ... through all those same beautiful vistas again. Lucky ducks we are.

The smell of fresh cut pine is wafting through the house tonite.
Maybe tomorrow we'll work on getting it decorated.

I believe we have started a new tradition in our family.
Now we'll just wait and see how many of the munchkins want to join us next year!


Anonymous said...

Definitely looks fun! Amber

Susan Stevenson said...

The scenery is gorgeous! We love Arizona. The snow dusted photos are beautiful. Glad you found your tree. I miss a real tree. We only do tabletop now that the kids are grown and gone. I miss the spruce smell though.