Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dirty dishes.

lots. of. them.
and i will gladly wash them.

because they mean that today i got to spend the day in the kitchen.
i do love the kitchen.
especially when it involves things like butter and flour ... and sugar. lots of sugar.
an apron made by my dear niece amber keeping the rest of me from being dusted with flour.
a very good audio book playing in my ears.

baking sheets that have seen many years of use.
and will continue to see many more.

pieces of christmas surround the sugar.
treasured gifts.
treasured memories.

i even managed to squeak in a haircut today.
one where i actually sat down and had someone do it FOR me.
that's a biggie over here.

now a few moments to enjoy the heating pad relaxing some muscles that are in serious need of a massage.
and time for a run to the grocer for something else i forgot today and must have for tomorrow.
my memory is just a bit short these days.


Amber said...

Yum! The goodies all look so delicious. Exciting to actually go and get a hair cut!

Anonymous said...

And can you tell me how you twist those pulla rolls? I try and they do not look like yours! riitta w