Saturday, December 3, 2011

'Tis the season ...

of festivities and life as busy as you can possibly make it!
I know what I did this week and it was full.
Very full.
Christmas came to our house with the exception of the tree.
I've baked my first double batch of sugar cut out cookies and decorated with blue. I'm hoping no on thinks they are Hanukkah cookies. I asked one of the girls and they said "what??" I think I'm safe.

We were suppose to be at the Grand Canyon today getting a Christmas tree. This sounds just a bit ridiculous, doesn't it? We've sort of fallen in love with the Charlie Brown trees we've had the last several years and aren't quite ready to go back to the fake tree or the tree lot buy. We picked up a permit to cut our own (and drive 4 1/2 hours for the privilege) and hopefully this week we'll have one in the house. I have no clue where it is going to fit, but we'll find a place I'm sure. Tree hunting didn't work today as the north country was getting plenty of snow. Does that bother us? It sounds like it, but really it doesn't. Driving in it with folks who aren't use to it does bother us. Icy roads under snow bother us. We decided that risking our lives for a tree probably isn't worth it ... at least not today.

Not getting a tree freed up all kinds of other possibilities for the day and evening. Alyx and I ran and did a wee bit of shopping. I delivered gifts to the US Postal Service so they could deliver them to whomever they were addressed to. :) Done! Cards went out earlier this week. Check that one off the list. I'm sure I'm missing folks on my list ... if you're expecting one in your mailbox and it doesn't show up, it has more to do with my malfunctioning brain cells than pure neglect.

I had several places I would have liked to be this evening. Several outdoor activities and a church service as well. The outdoor activities were nixed because I decided it was too cold. Too cold?!! Yes. The wind was blowing, the rain falling intermittently, the clouds black and nasty. I stayed home and took a nap instead. I'm going to regret it later I know. But for tonite ... it feels awesome to sit here and relax.

Last evening, after knowing we weren't headed north today, I spent some time online trying to figure out how to take night shots with my camera with the plan to be places this evening that would give me the opportunity to practice a bit. My brain just can't keep all this stuff in it and remember everything else as well. It would probably help if I used the camera a bit more and worked at learning those camera settings. It quite obviously isn't important enough to me. My brain starts to glaze over when I try to comprehend photography related things. I set up the niftiest looking tripod you've ever seen last night. Bar stool with books piled on top variety and started taking shots around the living room minus the trusty flash that I detest.

A very special gift from my godparents, Audrey & Harry, for our 25th wedding anniversary.
We were married in Faith United Lutheran Church, making this very fitting.)

 (Another treasure ... a nativity set made by my mom complete with the manger made by my dad.)

Tomorrow evening we celebrate Advent with the Advent Program. The Sunday School is too large to accomodate one Christmas Program so there are 3 programs: Advent, Christmas and Easter. Tia is in the Advent program. It could almost make me weepy and nostalgic. This will be the last year of Sunday School programs for us as she gets confirmed this summer. Oh, but time just seems to have wings somedays.

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Susan Stevenson said...

You did wonderful with your night photos without a flash! I love the photos you posted. I particularly like the last one... the dots of light, out of focus - very beautiful in an abstract way. It *feels* festive.

As for your tripod - I've done the same and more! Sometimes you just have to improvise. It worked! :)